New BF4 Patch Adds New Weapons, Modes, Balances

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Five new guns, the return of Gun Master mode, and a complete revamp of how weapon damage works is coming to Battlefield 4.

It looks like DICE is looking to make good on its promise that all future Battlefield 4 DLC will be free, by actually producing some additional content to give away for free. In the new “Spring Patch”, players will receive five new guns, a new game mode, and a complete revamp on how weapon damage works. The patch will release in “late May” for all platforms.

Of the five new guns, some of them are old fan favorites, while ares have been picked based on their unique gameplay aspects. There will be a new weapon in each of the assault rife, carbine, PDW, sidearm, and LMG weapon classes.

The “new” gamemode will be instantly recognizable to Battlefield 3 veterans, as well as anyone who ever played “Gungame” in Counter-Strike. That’s right, Gun Master is coming back. In Gun Master, you don’t choose your weapon – instead, everyone starts off with a set weapon that “changes” after making a prerequisite number of kills with it. Players race to climb the weapon ladder, before ultimately having to make their final kill with a very difficult weapon, such as a knife.

As well as the standard and classic Gun Master game modes, there is also a “troll” setting, which according to DICE, “starts out with ballistic shields (as weapons) and it’s downhill from there.”

However, what will be most interesting to veterans of the game is the complete overhaul of weapon damage. “In the Spring Patch, we have also revamped the damage, falloff and suppression model. With this pass, we’ve touched every single weapon in the game – and how they play,” explains DICE. “Our goal has been to create distinct roles for the weapon classes, and award skill of the player through increased recoil and by bringing back the 2-bullet headshot!”


Source: DICE

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