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If you pre-purchase Evolve on Xbox One’s digital marketplace, you’ll save yourself 10-15 hours of grinding for unlockable content.

No-one really likes having to grind for content in multiplayer shooters – at best it’s an annoying wall between players and the rest of the content they paid for, and at worst it’s an obvious attempt from the developer to get players to buy “shortcut bundles” to instantly unlock them. Evolve, Turtle Rock’s upcoming monster hunter shooter for next-gen platforms, will of course have it’s fair share of grinding, with players having to unlock characters (both monsters and hunters) by reaching a certain level of “mastery” with the weapons from the previous tier’s character.

But not if you are an Xbox One owner who is willing to pre-purchase the game on the platform’s digital marketplace right now. That’s right, Xbox One owners who pre-purchase will be able to skip Evolve‘s progression system entirely, and have instant access to Tier 3 hunters and monsters both for the game’s upcoming beta, as well as the final game.

They will also get instant access to the “Wraith” monster for, which Turtle Rock previously stated would not be available on any platform during the beta.

People who have had extensive hands-on time with the title estimate that skipping the game’s progression system would save players around 10-15 hours of grinding. The game’s beta runs from January 15-19, and the final release is set for February 10.

Additionally, pre-order customers on all platforms will receive the Monster Expansion Pack, which will add a fourth playable monster to Evolve after launch, and the Savage Goliath skin. 2K stated today that players who want to purchase the pack after release will have to shell out $14.99.

Source: Turtle Rock Studios via Polygon

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