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Gears of War returns to Xbox One, and so do all the hidden collectible Cog Tags. Whether you’re new or a rusty veteran returning to this gaming trailblazer, there are three achievements and tons of comic pages to earn by grabbing all 33 tags.

With only minor tweaks and a full graphical upgrade over the original, Gears of War: Ultimate is still the same Gears you (maybe) know and already love. There have been a few changes – the PC-only content is now included standard, giving the final chapter a meatier length – and the multiplayer component now runs at a smooth 60 FPS, but otherwise you’re playing a faithful re-release of the original. The Cog Tags now unlock backstory-filling comic pages to check out, adding another layer of cool stuff for fans to unlock. Don’t miss a beat and grab every tag with our list of locations.

Cog Tags Locations

When searching for Cog Tags, look for red graffiti skulls painted on the environment. The skull symbol signifies that a Cog Tag is nearby.

Act 1: Ashes

  • Tag #1: 14 Years After E-Day – The first tag is located after escaping your prison cell. As you enter the large cell block with the debris in the center, look on the barrier of rubble for a skull marking. The Cog tag is on the ground beneath it.
  • Tag #2: 14 Years After E-Day – In the large room with the door leading out into the prison yard, look on the pillars on the left side of the chamber. There’s a skull marker above a cache of ammo, along with another set of tags.
  • Tag #3: 14 Years After E-Day – Stepping out into the prison yard, go up the stairs just ahead to the left. There’s an easily visible skull against the left-hand exterior wall. The tag is opposite the skull, in the corner near the terrace half-wall.
  • Tag #4: Trial By Fire – Just as the chapter begins, Marcus steps off a helicopter and heads up steps into a ruined structure. Clear the few locust enemies, then look in the back-left corner. One of the pillar shows a prominent skull symbol. The tag itself is to the right of the marker behind some cover.
  • Tag #5: Trial By Fire – Entering the interior of the stone structure, you’ll have to deal with an emergence hole along with Locust reinforcements. Clear them out, then check behind the hole or to the left of the exit door to discover a tag.
  • Tag #6: Fish in a Barrel – In the monument fountain square, Marcus and his team will fend off several waves of Locust emerging from holes. Clear the area, then look around the base of the left stairs.
  • Tag #7: Knock Knock – As you storm the Locust in the House of Sovereigns court, you might notice a white van parked on the steps. Starting from the van, move directly left into a walled corner with hanging overgrown plants. The cog tag is hidden away there.
  • Tag #8: Hammer – Going upstairs, you’ll reach a hallway with a boarded up window after fighting through wretches. While your robot open the door, go to the window and look behind the display case along the right wall.
  • Tag #9: Hammer – In the small chapel, kill the invading wretches then enter the door behind the pulpit. There’s a dead soldier in the ground inside. Look in an alcove to the right of the corpse.
  • Tag #10: China Shop – At the start of the chapter, you’ll be in a safe hallway with the Hammer of Dawn. Grab it and look for the corpse around the corner, to the right, just up ahead. He’s got the next Cog tag.
  • Tag #11: China Shop – In the catacomb / tomb interior, you’ll need to lure the Berserker so she smashes through solid doors. Get through the door leading past a statue into another room with another door to smash. Before you do, look in an alcove to the left of the exit.
  • Tag #12: China Shop – Getting back outside, you’ll appear in a courtyard with an inaccessible gazebo. Before blasting the Berserker with the Hammer of Dawn and killing it, turn left as you enter and follow the outer wall to a skull symbol. The tag is nearby, behind a pillar to the right of the skull.

Act 2: Nightfall

  • Tag #13: Tick Tick Boom – Fighting past a mounted turret and a sniper, you’ll enter a multi-level room with a door to break through. Before doing that, go downstairs and vault over the rubble. There’s a red couch in this alcove with the Cog tag right next to it.
  • Tag #14: Grist – Using the high catwalks to leave the brick building marked with a large ‘B – Hazard’ sign, you’ll use a fire-escape looking set of stairs to leave when you’re outside. Instead of moving on, turn around and check down the alley beneath those stairs you just used. The Cog tag is behind the dumpsters.
  • Tag #15: Grist – At the end of the chapter, you’ll encounter a Stranded camp gate. Stop before approaching the gate and entering the camp. Look to the left of the entrance and back-up, there’s a Cog tag on the sidewalk on that side of the street.
  • Tag #16: Lethal Dusk – Midway through the stage, you’ll need to shoot propane tanks to light the way through dark streets. When the road pivots right, look to the left. There’s a small shack with a propane tank inside. Shoot the tank and enter the shack safely to get the tag.
  • Tag #17: Lethal Dusk – Deep in the chapter, there’s a section where Marcus must help Dom by shining a spotlight on him as he moves down the dark street. Once Dom is safely inside, use the spotlight to light the darkness to the left of the lamps. There’s a rusted, busted car in the dark near the debris blocking the street. That’s where the Cog tag is located.
  • Tag #18: Dark Labyrinth – Moving through the wretch-infested house, cut through the cabinets blocking our way with the chainsaw attachment. Look for an exit back outside with a street lamp just outside the door. Step through and turn right to spot a hidden Cog tag.

Act 3: Belly of the Beast

  • Tag #19: Downpour – Moving through the exterior path lined with generators, look on the buildings to the right of the main path for a red skull marker. Look behind the structure and step onto the long dock over the crashing waves. There’s a cog tag at the dead end.
  • Tag #20: Evolution – Following some Stranded through the planet, you’ll reach a large room with weak wooden planks. Walk slowly here and listen for cracks / controller rumble to know when to back up. Move carefully and explore to the back far-right corner of the room to get the tags.
  • Tag #21: Coalition Cargo – As you enter this chapter, you’ll see a green control button to the right. Don’t press it yet. Go down the steps and turn around to spot an easy set of tags.
  • Tag #22: Darkest Before Dawn – Just as the chapter begins, you’ll quickly reach a forking path. Turn right and cross the bridge to reach a small industrial area with a corpse near a door. The tag is near the body.
  • Tag #23: Darkest Before Dawn – In the area with the small creak flowing over the ledge on your right, deal with the Locust guards and look beneath the man-made structure ahead and on the right. Beneath the metal platform, there’s a short cavern alcove with a tag.
  • Tag #24: Darkest Before Dawn – Once the divergent paths reconnect near the end of the chapter, you’ll follow a Corpser monster into a room with derelict trucks and the yellow glow on your right. Immediately turn right as you enter the room and look near the safety railing around the pit.

Act 4: The Long Road Home

  • Tag #25: Campus Grinder – As you land in the massive college courtyard, take care of the Locust and explore the building on the right, from the starting point, with the eagle statue above the door. The main door as two more doors with steps leading up on the left and right. Check behind the steps on the left.
  • Tag #26: Bad to Worse – Once you’re in control, Marcus appears in a ruined street with a courtyard down the path on the left. Don’t go that way yet, instead look behind an old car on your right. There’s a Cog Tag sitting near the intersection.
  • Tag #27: Imaginary Place – Fight into Marcus’ house and explore into an old study with books on both sides and a desk in the center. Use the Lancer’s chainsaw to cut through the desk to discover a hidden Cog tag.

Act 5: Desperation

  • Tag #28: Comedy of Errors – Leaving the cramped interior area with exploding wretches, enter the overgrown courtyard and look for an archway with an open metal gate in the corner. Weave around the ajar gate and look down this darkened path to grab a tag.
  • Tag #29: Window Shopping – In the underground parking lot, enter the stairwell through the door in the back. Go down the stairs instead of up to run into an easy pair of tags.
  • Tag #30: Jurassic Proportions – During the Brumack monster fight, run all the way back to the far right corner of the arena. There’s a fallen brick building wall with concrete barriers surrounding the rubble. Look near the pile, left of the COG skull.
  • Tag #31: Train Wreck – After shooting the connector and losing the Berserker, Jack opens a new door to the next train car. The Cog tag is just left of this entrance. It’s hard to miss.
  • Tag #32: Train Wreck – Fighting through Theron Guards, you’ll reach a train car with dual mounted guns on the roof. The COG tag is inside near the passengers seats and window on the right side.
  • Tag #33: Train Wreck – Pushing a button to move barrels out of your path, continue toward the end of the chapter. On the exterior train car path, look on the wall to the left for a skull marker. Turn left at the marker, then left again to enter an optional interior. Press the green button to open the supply closet door with the final tag on the floor inside.

Achievements Unlocked

Time to Remember (10 points):
Recover 11 COG tags (on any difficulty)

Honor-Bound (20 points):
Recover 22 COG tags (on any difficulty)

For the Fallen (30 points):
Recover all 33 COG tags (on any difficulty)

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