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“Multiple industry sources” have indicated a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is due early next year.

At this point, does anyone not think that a PC version of Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto V is inevitable? “Multiple industry sources” have apparently told Eurogamer that the open world game, currently available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, will come out on PC in the first quarter of 2014. This comes after a story earlier in the week, where Intel predicted that GTA V would be out on pc “soon” and that “Somebody paid a lot of money to make sure that title was exclusive [to consoles].”

A Q1 2014 release of GTA V on PC practically mirrors the PC release schedule of the previously released GTA IV, which launched for consoles in April 2008, and got a PC port in December that year. It certainly makes a lot of sense for us to see a release early next year, it’s just frustrating that Rockstar won’t make it official.

Back in August, Nvidia’s senior director of investor relations Chris Evenden accidentally let slip that a PC version of the game is coming “this fall.”

“Gamers are preparing their systems for a strong roster of games coming this fall, including blockbuster franchises such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grand Theft Auto V and Assassin’s Creed IV,” he said, although the company later retracted his statement, explaining that “Nvidia does not have information on any possible PC version release of Grand Theft Auto or its availability, We deeply regret the error.”

Rockstar still refuses to give any official comment on the existence of a PC version of the game, but we have reached out to them for comment on this new story.

Source: Eurogamer

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