Resident Evil Actors Read the Game’s Infamous Script


Milla Jovovich and other actors from the Resident Evil films have tried their hand at some of the most infamous lines from the horribly cheesy original Resident Evil script.

With lines like, “That was too close! You were almost a Jill sandwich!” and “It might be handy if you, the Master of Unlocking, take it with you,” the script – and hilariously bad voice acting – may be one of the things most fondly remembered about the original Resident Evil game.

Of course, now that the series is a big-budget motion picture franchise with some people who can actually act (in theory), what else is there to do but see how the legitimate actors handle the corniest lines from the first game? MTV Multiplayer caught up with Milla Jovovich, Boris Kodjoe, and Ali Larter and asked them to offer their deliveries of three lines hand-picked from the game’s script.

They aren’t exactly taking it seriously (kind of a shame), but honestly, the silver screen actors can’t make that script sound much better than the game did. There’s just no way to call somebody a “master of unlocking” seriously.

Though I am kind of bummed that they didn’t do the “Jill sandwich” line. Oh well.

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