Rock Band “Just a Part” of Musicians’ Jobs, Says Harmonix


While some professional musicians have nothing but scorn for music games, Harmonix thinks that for most pro music makers, incorporating Rock Band into their music is “just a part” of their jobs.

The potential for music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero to affect the way musicians make music and how listeners consume it has been touted for some time now, and it’s still up in the air whether that potential has come close to being fulfilled. Alex Rigopulos of Harmonix, however, seems pretty set on how significant a part Rock Band plays in the lives of music makers.

“It turns out that many major artists have taken advantage and are moving quickly to bring content to the platform,” Rigopulos said in a talk at Microsoft HQ in Cologne for Gamescom. “Creating Rock Band levels is just part of what they do now.”

That comes as a contradiction to the outspoken opinions of some legendary musicians out there who have little to no affection for the music game craze. Well, I guess those folks are just ornery old gents who need to get with the times.

And considering the volume of major music artists in Rock Band, sure, I’d say that for a decent amount of musicians out there music games have some sort of role in how they distribute their songs. But I’m sure it’s not the case for everyone out there, yet. Harmonix probably thinks the same way – that’s the problem they want to solve with their recently revealed Rock Band Network, a service that lets any musician – you included – create and sell their songs in Rock Band.

[Via VG247]

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