Shoot Many Robots Is Exactly What You Think it Is


If only all game titles could be this straightforward.

You might be tempted to think that – because the teaser trailer doesn’t show any real data – we don’t really know anything about Demiurge Studios’ upcoming XBLA/PSN title Shoot Many Robots. But then you look at the game’s name, and you realize: Wait a minute, yes we do!

There really is a strange sort of elegance to this approach to game naming. It’s very much in the same vein as Pandemic’s Destroy All Humans! series – you know what this is all about right from the beginning. It’s true that we might not know some of the specifics: How many robots is “Many Robots,” and can we do things to them other than shoot them?

Strangely, though, I don’t find myself caring all that much. You’d think that more games could benefit from this sort of approach, really? I envision a world where Dead Rising would be Beat Zombies In Nightgowns, Call of Duty reborn as Regenerate Health Behind Walls, and Touhou Project could be Shoot Lasers at Little Girls Wearing Hats.

Take notice, Nintendo. I expect to see Stomp On Koopas hitting shelves this time next year.

(Via Joystiq)

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