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Signalis Brings RE-Flavored Retrotech Survival Horror to All Platforms This October

Signalis release date trailer Humble Games rose-engine

Publisher Humble Games and developer rose-engine have announced an October 27, 2022 release date for “retrotech” survival horror game Signalis on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PC. Previously, the game had only been confirmed for PC and Xbox, so the extra console announcements are welcome.

“Retrotech” is a strange yet perfect word to describe Signalis on more than one level. The game has a fresh art style that is primarily 2D pixel art but with some flashes of retro 3D, yet it feels utterly indebted to the prerendered 3D classic Resident Evil. Meanwhile, the game world itself is set in a dark future where “humanity has uncovered a dark secret” involving a cosmic mystery. The protagonist is a “technician Replika” named Elster who is searching for her “lost dreams,” which somehow involves exploring a rundown spaceship and fighting nightmarish creatures.

If you’re having a hard time understanding what all of this means and how it comes together, the Signalis release date trailer definitely will not clear it up for you. It’s just even more enigmatic, in a good way.

Sci-fi horror games of all kinds are suddenly appearing in droves, from Signalis to Fort Solis to Routine to The Callisto Protocol to Dead Space. If this is your niche — congratulations on having so many new choices.

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