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Starfield Features a Touching Tribute to Fan Who Passed Away

Starfield Alex Hay Heartfelt Tribute Fan Who Passed Away Xbox PC

Starfield is out now for those who purchased the early access bundle, and players have already discovered a touching tribute to longtime Bethesda Game Studios fan, Alex Hay. Hay, who passed away in March at the age of 35 following a battle with lung cancer, left one final surprise message to the friends he made on the r/Starfield subreddit. Bethesda included that message in the game, and it didn’t take long for fans to find it.

“To all my friends and fellow explorers,” the message, titled Alex Hay’s Note, says, “I’m always with you, out there in the starfield. Love always, Alex Hay.”

As pointed out by Reddit user HunterWorld, you can find Alex Hay’s Note to the right just after entering the Eye. You can also see the note as featured in Starfield below.

Bethesda’s Tribute to Alex Hay
by u/HunterWorld in Starfield

Just before Hay passed, he shared a message expressing his sadness after Starfield’s release date was revealed to be in September.

“Bit gutted at the date reveal as I’ve been following this project for years and now it looks like I won’t get to play it,” he said at the time.

Hay mentions in his note that his Xbox had proven to be a reliable form of escapism while he was sick, adding, “…holding out another six months is unlikely so… enjoy it on my behalf!” A friend gave followers an update shortly after, letting them know Hay had passed, adding, “If there’s anyone who from Bethesda who would like to put him in Starfield or an ES game, feel free to reach out.” Thankfully, it looks like someone at Bethesda noticed.

Fans have already begun celebrating Hay’s inclusion, with some pledging to name their first in-game ship after him. Although Hay didn’t get to play Bethesda’s space RPG for himself, Alex Hay’s Note proves that he still managed to make it to the starfield in his own way. Starfield is out now for early access players on PC and Xbox Series X | S. The full launch will arrive on September 6 for PC, Xbox Series X | S, and Game Pass.

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