Fallout Vault Dweller Soap Skin in Call Of Duty in Weapon Armory

The Fallout Vault Dweller Bundle in MW3 & Warzone Has One Massive Issue

The latest Call Of Duty crossover features Fallout. With a new bundle, players are able to purchase Vault Dweller skins for Task Force 141, Weapon Blueprints, and more. While most of the items available are fun tributes to Fallout, one Blueprint contains an attachment which would could break the META.

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The Fallout Bundle Might Be Pay to Win

By this point, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone players are familiar with Weapon Blueprints. These variants include a new themed skin for the weapon, and usually come pre-equipped with some attachments. The weapons on offer in the Fallout Vault Dweller bundle do just that. The issue lies in the HRM-9 Blueprint, called the Atomic Disintegrator. This weapon is fairly standard, long-range SMG build players might expect to see in Warzone. However, there is one attachment that gives players a clear competitive advantage.

Vault Dwellers Get Access to Exclusive Optic

Call Of Duty Microtherm Sight Comparison, Default VS Fallout Bundle

With the Vault Dwellers Bundle, players gain access to a new variant of the FSS Spectre Microtherm. This low zoom optic brings the heat-seeking target acquisition seen in thermal scopes to an attachment smaller than a standard Holographic Sight. However, the attachment usually doesn’t see much use in MW3 and Warzone. This is because the ADS picture is black and white and a little blurry. Enemies are highlighted in a brighter white than anything else, but it is still fairly subtle.

The version of this optic that comes with the Atomic Disintegrator Blueprint changes that. Colors are not muted nearly as much with this iteration attachment, and enemies stand out with a green glow. As the comparison above shows, this makes it far easier to spot targets. Players who purchase this bundle are also able to use this specific version of the attachment on any weapon where the FSS Spectre Microtherm is available. Let’s hope Sledgehammer Games gives this attachment a nerf before the Fallout bundle does too much damage to the META in MW3.

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