The First God of War 3 Details Are Here


The first details on the PS3 debut of that other GoW franchise have been leaked, and yes, there will be a new sex minigame.

The latest issue of Game Informer has the details on the latest adventures of gaming’s ragiest goateed god, Kratos, and while nothing is particularly mindblowing, it sounds like the game will deliver more of the same on a bigger scale. That’s certainly true for Kratos himself, whose every tendon and muscle is now visible thanks to being rendered in 20,000 polygons (compared to 5,000 in God of War 2), Sony revealed in an old-fashioned bout of tech bragging.

Story-wise, God of War 3 is supposed to bring Kratos’ tale to its climax, and though apparently Sony wants to milk the franchise beyond GoW3, the game should bring some kind of resolution to the trilogy. Hints about future DLC, however, give me the impression we might get another case of a game with tacked-on downloadable endings.

As for gameplay, you’ll begin the game with a range of Kratos’ abilities from previous titles already unlocked, a first for the series which has always required players to build up experience and buy new attacks. Kratos’ arsenal of weapons will expand to feature more weapons that are different from the series trademark Blades of Chaos, like the huge gauntlets featured in the last trailer. Just as Kratos beefs up, so do his enemies: bad guys in God of War 3, who Sony claims will appear in numbers of up to 50 on screen, are now smart enough to get in formation and team up against Kratos, which should make fights a little bit more strategic, hopefully.

As for the series’ trademark sex minigames, you can rest assured Sony is not sleeping on its laurels. “The sex minigame is an interesting thing because you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t,” director Stig Asmussen told Game Informer. “A lot of that stuff, we’ve got to worry about the ESRB. If we don’t add something to it, then people are just going to say, ‘Oh they just did that again’ and it’s going to be silly. But if we don’t do it at all, people are going to say ‘Where the hell is the sex minigame?’ So I can say there is a lot of planning going on in the sex minigame right now.”

Good to know they have their priorities straight.

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