Throwback Entertainment appoints David Siller as new Vice President.

Canadian game publisher Throwback Entertainment has appointed industry veteran David Siller as the company’s new Vice President of Development. Siller has worked on multiple hit titles over his 25 year career, including Crash Bandicoot and Maximo: Ghosts to Glory.

Since 2006, Siller has served as a consultant for Throwback. His new job will entail managing development cycles and creation of new intellectual properties.

The CEO of Throwback Entertainment, Thomas Maduri, commented on the addition of Siller: “David brings a unique view to all the properties Throwback has been working on. His experience, and knowledge is invaluable and is a huge asset to our core team. We are fortunate that David shares our passion and has joined our company. With a track record that supersedes many and places him along the ranks of a gaming legend, we look forward to his continued involvement and being a cornerstone in the establishment of Throwback as a brand going forward.”

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