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Unannounced FromSoftware Game in Final Stages of Development

new Armored Core 6 unannounced FromSoftware game in final stages of dev development Hidetaka Miyazaki director directing next more abstract fantasy game

FromSoftware president and Dark SoulsElden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki has done an interview with Japanese outlet 4Gamer, in which he revealed an unannounced FromSoftware game is in its “final stages” of development. Per Gematsu translation, Miyazaki also stated he is working on his next game as director (another unannounced title), and he cryptically added that he would like to work on “more abstract fantasy” than anything the developer has previously done.

It’s hard to pin down exactly what any one project might be, as FromSoftware has “several” games in development by directors other than Miyazaki. He said Elden Ring updates will continue though, and per past reporting, we can anticipate adaptations “beyond the game” at some point in the future.

However, there is a good chance the unannounced FromSoftware game in its final stages of development is Armored Core 6, since several details and images of that game seemed to leak back in January. According to the leaks, Miyazaki created the world that the title will exist in, but a lot of it sounds like the old-school third-person mech combat that fans remember, with the usual heavy emphasis on customization. If it manages to retain what works well for the franchise while incorporating a few bits of what have made Soulslikes so popular, it could be another hit for FromSoftware.

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