Offering further proof that absolutely every successful gaming series will eventually see an iPhone iteration, footage has cropped up revealing a version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 designed for Apple’s handheld.

Discovered by walking controversy magnet Jeff Gerstmann, the clip demonstrates a graphically impressive version of the PlayStation classic, though it leaves one to wonder exactly how entertaining the game’s controls might be.

The success of THPS2 originally relied on all four buttons of the PlayStation controller, and there is simply no elegant way to translate that to the buttonless iPhone.

Unlike the just-released iPhone version of Peggle (thanks PopCap!) whose simple gameplay mechanisms work on the platform with only subtle manipulation, developer LTI Gray Matter is going to have to completely deconstruct the game and rework everything about it with the iPhone in mind. Otherwise, I can’t see this being anything other than a lame translation.

Which, sadly, will probably sell like hotcakes to unwitting iPhone owners with fond memories of the game’s home console debut.

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