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Changing colors (or skins) is easy in ARMS, but there’s a trick to make it happen. Instead of selecting your skin through a menu, you’ll have to do it with your D-Pad.

Both Joy-Cons can be used in the Character Select Menu. Depending on your grip-style, you’ll have to figure out which it is — for most of us using both Joy-Cons at the same time, that defaults to the left D-Pad.

There are four color palettes per character, and each is mapped to a direction on the D-pad. Check out all the colors below with our gallery covering all the characters released (so far) in each mini-entry.

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There are four skins per character — normally, you’ll only see each color palette if you’re playing online (or local) and multiple people play as the same character. The skins help differentiate each player, and it’s a common practice for fighting games.

While there are no costumes (yet!) in ARMS, you can customize your choice by adding a little color of your own choosing. Here’s how to make it happen.

  • To select alternate color palettes…
    • 1. Hover your cursor over the character you want to select.
    • 2. Press down on the D-pad (so it clicks) and then hold the D-pad in one of three directions; down, left or right. Each color palette is mapped to one of these directions.
    • 3. After clicking and holding the D-pad in a direction, select your character. They will immediately change into the color you selected.

You can immediately back out and try again if it didn’t work, or if you selected a color you don’t like. The “Up” direction on the D-pad always selects their default color, so there’s usually no reason to select that one.

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