What’s the Deal With Star Trek, Anyway?

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All those episodes, movies, and Klingon cosplayers later, the question remains: What’s the deal with Star Trek fans, anyway?

Brendan Sears is not a Star Trek fan. The episodes bore him silly and he can’t quite muster up the enthusiasm to sit through one of the movies. But when his pals suggested he join them on a road trip to Riverside, Iowa – the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk – he couldn’t resist. He shares the unique experience in Issue 217 of The Escapist:

Finally, the trip had found its purpose: to pursue the Enterprise as it was boldly towed where no one … well, most people haven’t gone before. Our jostling pursuit of the Federation trailer took us through seven long miles of crows and corn. And then we saw a cloud of dust a mile in the distance. Whatever we were headed toward was big and wild enough to kick up dirt and debris four stories high.

Sears may not have been ready to join Starfleet right then and there, but he did come away from his trip to Iowa with a bit more understanding into what makes a Trekkie tick. Read the rest of Where the Trek Begins and let us know if you’re ready to follow the Enterprise, too.

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