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When to Start Checking for Rare Stats in Diablo 4


If you’ve been diving into Diablo 4 by Blizzard Entertainment, chances are you’re already drowning in tons and tons of loot. Some of these items can look pretty amazing — especially any cool Unique items you get. But when do the stats actually start to matter in Diablo 4?

When to Start Thinking About Specific Stats and Gear in Diablo 4

To make it easier, you don’t need to worry too much about specific gear and stats the whole way through playing the main campaign and leveling up to the level cap. Only after the level cap when you can access higher difficult tiers, do you actually start gaining access to the full variety of gear available in Diablo 4 such as powerful Uniques, Sacred items, and rare stats and abilities that can be build-defining. It’s only at this point where you’ll be checking certain gear pieces for good rolls on their stats and be farming for powerful items to create the best build possible for your characters.

Diablo 4 rare stats

Until that point, you’ll be leveling so fast throughout the campaign that even if you did get a gear piece with some rare stats or amazing rolls, a couple hours later it would be completely power-crept by gear a few levels higher, making it redundant. So until that point just have fun and use any old gear that represents an upgrade as suggested by the game, scrapping and salvaging your old gear as you go. Once you reach the level cap and higher difficulties you can really start to set your sights on specific gear pieces for your character build and start hunting for those rare stats and rolls.

That covers it for when best to start thinking about rare stats and rolls on gear in Diablo 4. The endgame after the campaign and when you hit level cap is really where things start to get in-depth and all that stuff starts to matter — until then just enjoy the story and learn how to play your class along the way.

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