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Someone Built a Genuine Helicopter in Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player 4kliksAlex creates a genuine helicopter with proper physics

Players have built a lot of amazing and crazy things in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, like Korok torture devices, full-blown mechs, and deployable combat drones. However, YouTuber 4kliksAlex has done something amazing but not so crazy at all: build a helicopter in Tears of the Kingdom that abides by the actual physics of real helicopters.

As the YouTuber reminds us with a rad video, “Real-life helicopters use the same principle as aeroplanes to generate lift. When the rotor rotates relative to the air, it generates lift due to its special shape.” Other helicopter-esque machines built prior in Tears of the Kingdom blew air directly downward because “There isn’t a device that’s a powerful enough to power the ‘Wing’ rotor.” 4kliksAlex solved that issue.

As you can see below, the genuine physics-abiding Tears of the Kingdom helicopter combines a big wheel to rotate “blades” consisting of wood, fans, and a Zonai Wing on either side with its own fan. The “tail” of the vehicle also has one fan blowing sideways. Add it all up, and the physics work out for a machine that can do some cruising. Well, if you’re lucky, that is. The end of the video reveals things can still go pretty wrong.

4kliksAlex’s YouTube channel has more awesome videos like this, including a couple with wild mechs. However, the beauty of Tears of the Kingdom is that you can completely ignore these extraordinary building mechanics if you want and still have an incredibly fun and immersive time. It’s really ludicrous that Nintendo basically went and made the greatest game of all time twice in a row.

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