Unsure if racist

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no this isn't racist.. for the love of god also people on you-tube can not be taken seriously for context/replies. While the content is nice the user base or watchers are just dumb-a*****. Now if you want racist... you-tube search old bugs bunny cartoons.

Florence and the Machine aren't racist.

There is no discussion.

I'm an uberfan but this video does make me cringe a little bit. It's not racist though, it just doesn't look the best. It's one of my favourite songs from the album too.

Also, this video came out over six months ago, why are people only pretending to be offended now? Could they not find anything better to do?

Just reminds me of the Resi 5 controversy.

"He's a white guy shooting at all black people"
...He's in a poor African town.

"What about the spear wielding tribesmen?"
...Those actually exist.

Can we stop getting offended by something because if you get rid of the context entirely and ignore the intent of the creator it can look racist? There is actual racism out there.

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