Poll: Do you listen to rap?

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I try not to limit myself to particular genre but Rap...it offends all my senses >_<
I still try to keep an open mind but hasn't paid off yet.

I'm a metal head really but I like a fair bit of hip hop I've heard, mainly Fliptrix, Jehst, Bliss N Eso, Dirty Dike. Just anything with sick lyrics really.

Yeah when I was 15 and didn't know any better.

Rap = Retards attempting poetry

I kid, I kid....... but not really.

Do Weird Al Yankovic parodies count?

Yup, but mostly pre 2000 stuff. The only current rappers that I can stand are Lupe (my favourite artist in general), Nas , Joell Ortiz, Cole and Kendrick. The rest are just lame copy cats, the type of "real nigga" that kisses their metaphorical father on the lips and wears jeggings, ex male strippers and ex cops rapping about how much coke they sell. Pretty much everyone in the game today is fake, and it sickens me.

My word... I hate modern rap so much.

I started watching Rap Critic videos a couple months back and from his videos, I'm willing to give Lupe Fiasco a listen and will likely buy the black album or whatever the Hell it's called since it's apparently good.

Don't. It's awful compared to his earlier stuff. Buy Food & Liquor and The Cool, they're some of the best rap albums this decade.

2011 was the year I got much more into electronic music
2012 was the year I started really listening to hip hop

A few years ago I vilified it, even this time last year I barely gave it a second glance, but in the end a huge amount of my favourite music from 2012 ended up being hip hop.

I'm predicting 2013 will be the year of indie

Yup, I love rap. Lately I've been enjoying Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf and Oddisee.

Chamillionaire's old stuff, Killa Kyleon's new stuff, yeah I like rap. Mostly with heavy wordplay, or southern artists. Heck I screw and chop stuff for a hobby. Hopsin is putting out a lot of cool stuff too.


Vault101 showed me a guy who's pretty damn good, too.

Damn dirty ninjas.

OT: Uh, some old eminem songs I guess are fine, but it's not something I actively listen to.

I absolutely love rap.....when it is done well and has a fucking point. most of the modern mainstream rap is pointless bullshit, but then again most modern music in general is pointless bullshit.

The rap artists I really enjoy: NWA, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Styles of Beyond, Lupe Fiasco, Flipsyde, and recently I discovered Sage Francis thanks to a punk song which I have included below!

YES YES YES. Chief Keef, Tyga, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, 2 Chainz. Hey I have to go and listen to those now

Not sure if its classed as rap/hip hop or whatever but the only "Rap" music I've really liked to the point I could listen to over and over is from a producer called Nujabes.

The first song is a good example.

A bit?
I don't really listen to just one singular type of music. Which half the internet seems to do.

Sure, I'll listen ro rap, just not the kind about guns, whores, or shooting whores with guns... Those are a bit distasteful I find.


Sure, I'll listen ro rap, just not the kind about guns, whores, or shooting whores with guns... Those are a bit distasteful I find.

Pretty much that, shame that that's about the only kind of music I hear when I'm out around where I live.

I enjoy many songs which diverse into different genres, while i wouldn't say im a fan i can sit back and listen to Tupac or Eminem easily, I enjoy it when other genres mix like;


No. Not because I don't like it but because I don't really listen to music at all these days. I listened to gangsta rap when I was a teenager in ye olde 90's, so early-mid 90's would be my favourite and I'm pretty much entirely ignorant of anything after 2000.

Do Epic rap battles of history count?

If so then yes xD

This is literally exactly what popped into my head. +1

I treat rap lake I do all music. There is good stuff, and there is bad stuff. If I listened to music based on the genera, I would be listening to only a few things that I actually like and about several billion things that are absolute crap.

Don't like it personally. However, I do listen to a lot of trip hop and there's sometimes rapping on that, which I generally tolerate.

I don't like the majority of rap you'll here on the music channels these days. But I do love Drake, Eminem, old school 90's rap and proper old school 80's rap. Lil Wayne can be really annoying sometimes but he has gotten much much better in the past few years, and No Love with Eminem is an epic song.

My real heart for rap though comes from any that tells a story. I don't like gloating rap unless it gives some kind of reason as to why you can gloat. For example, Hate it or Love it by 50 Cent and The Game, they explain the shit they've been through, show how they earned their way, and now they gloat-fair enough. When your first album is you gloating (FUCK YOU MIMS WHERE IS YOUR CAREER NOW?!?!) then it really gets on my nerves.

I like rap that merges with other genres like rock and jazz and blues. I love the Afro Samurai soundtrack as its like oriental music with a hip hop beat. Especially chinese style music, like this [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqs-hnmH7zk]

and this, no lyrics but I like the beat (maybe it doesn't count as hip hop but fuck it I like the song) [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqs-hnmH7zk]

I love rap. It's the one genre that can go in so many different directions, but so few people realise it.

Also the entire Madworld and Anarchy reigns soundtrack, and the rap that comes from Roosterteeth, I think by a guy named Jeff Williams.

Baron von Blitztank:
Do Weird Al Yankovic parodies count?

Yes, yes they do. Don't EVER let anyone tell you otherwise son.


Im mainly a Heavy Metal/Classical kind of guy but abit of Bone Crusher every now and then doesn't hurt.

When you say Classical, do you mean orchestral stuff? If so,

Thanks for this, sounds awesome sauce!

i personally hate the "popular" rap because its down right disgusting and a step backwards in music. i think the only rap i can and used to sorta listen to was Eminem, yah i know he swore and rapped about killing his wife, but at least his shit was funny.

the only rap song i listen to now is just 2 songs and its the WTF Collective 1 and 2. im more of a non lyrical orchestra lover. not a person who wants to listen to a rap song of how many ways to f*** a hooker, kill cops and finish off with swimming in money. yah know?

Yes but the only rap songs I listen to are row row fight the power,soul eaters 3 ed song,and falling twards the sky. (if anyone could link these songs I'd be greatful)

Yeah, but only when it has a dance beat to it/is eminem/is a british rapper (Devlin, Example,Plan B especially.)

Recently I've been getting into it. Cloud Rap, mostly.

Sorry, but if you cannot bring yourself to find beauty in this... I don't know what to say.

Can't stand the culture, egotistic lyrics and lack of creativity in the music, which is usually just a beat on repeat.
The only rap i like is Limb Bizkit, but not certain tracks.

Oh and i really like this:

Only when it is mixed in with Rock music, and only when it is done right. Other than that, I have a bit of a hatred for stereotypical rap, mainly because of the subject matter most rap I have seen deal in. Granted I am sure there are some respectable rap artists out there, but your not sending a good message about your genre of music when all the mainstream stuff is talking about drugs, and slapping women. And yes I know other genres of music do that to but from what I have seen, Rap more-so.

Most recently I've been hooked onto Power by Kanye West, beautiful song

Just listen to the album. Seriously, I don't care how much of a douchebag he is, or all the sampling he does, my advice to you is to listen to the rest of My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy. You won't regret it.

OT: Yes, I listen to it a lot more than most Escapists seem to. I'm mostly a rock/metal guy, but I really don't like the attitude of "IT'S NOT MY FAVORITE GENRE, AND IT'S ON THE RADIO, SO IT SUUUUUUUUUUCKS" that a lot of people have adopted. Just like all other music, the radio crap sucks for the most part, but if you just dip a little bit (just a little) below the surface, you'll mostly enjoy what you find.

No, never. Sorry I can't fatten the reply with more verbiage but there's nothing more to add. I just don't.

Yep, not my fave genre but there's enough good stuff out there to give an ear to. Find myself listening to a lot of Killah Priest when the mood takes me.

Only when I'm playing GTA: San Andreas, so I guess that'd be a no.

That game takes place at the time I was in high school, so yes; and that game has some of my favorites: Nothin but a G Thang, Gorillas in the Mist, but I always wondered why it didn't have Fuck the Police...it was certainly fitting for the plot. Another song that would've been great in San Andreas (but it came out later) is 2 Guns Up.
So yea, I dig gangsta rap.
But it doesn't have to be, I love the rap in Gorillaz. I guess the most recent rapper I've been turned on to is Dan Bull; Miracle of Sound retweeted his Borderlands2 rap and I was an instant fan. This however is my favorite work of his.
(the Rick Santorum bit cracks me up every time:
I look like someone from a Star Trek fan forum
What's my name Bitch, it's Rick Santorum)

Also his Skyrim Bard rap is epic:

Only the fast-paced rappers such as Techn9ne. Most of my music in general in very fast-paced.

Almost forgot to mention the Beastie Boys. They got me into hip-hop music and out of my narrow-minded mentality that all hip-hop was the trash I heard on the radio. It was actually various mashups of them with Daft Punk that did the trick.


Most recently I've been hooked onto Power by Kanye West, beautiful song

Just listen to the album. Seriously, I don't care how much of a douchebag he is, or all the sampling he does, my advice to you is to listen to the rest of My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy. You won't regret it.

I plan to listen to the full album on Youtube, if it's available. It's a concept album so I'm going to hear it as it was intended.

And funny you mention sampling, because I fucking love Kanye's sampling when it's done well. Take POWER as an example with its brilliant use of King Crimson's '21st Century Schizoid Man.' Not only does he use the title vocals, in a parallel to the original song, he also uses 'neuro-scream,' and manipulates it to sound almost like 'no sleep.' It took me ages to find out which part of the song he had used.

Going back to Graduation and his sampling of HBFS of Daft Punk. He gave them recognition in the album cover, subtlety because it's Daft Punk :P, a cameo in the music video and he performed with them at the Grammys. How many hip-hop artists, let alone musicians, give their sample artist that kind of recognition? +Respect.

Sorry, nope. truly can't stand the stuff.

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