If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Uh, why do you have that look on your face?

Why shouldn't I have a look on my face?! D:

You shouldn't have a face at all?

... I don't want a face. I'll get chain letters if that happens...

But seriously, did the Girl Scouts send you?

Get off my stoop faceless tuxedoman!

Stop dancing on my porch!

*Kidnaps and stores in BDSM dungeon...*

Nope. Not at all.

*Kidnaps and stores in BDSM dungeon...*

Extremely appropriate... considering your title. >.>

Come on in good sir~ :D

I has all your stuff! o3o

Come in come in, I want all my stuff! o3o

Cake in the face. *throws cake*

Captcha: "Medical nsitiid" <.<

*house turns into chocolate* O3O

*eats the chocolate* :9

*hot chocolate* <.<

Yummy... *drinks it* :D

*chocolate souffle*


Steal that hat and give a cake in return. I like that hat. I like all hats.

Love hats. Love cakes.

Sweetness. >.>

Hats and cakes and cakes and hats and hats made of cake and cakes shaped like hats. :D

That sounds exhausting.

It is. Until you eat the cakes and put on the hats.

And then it just becomes fun as hell. :D

Indeed it does. Well, except when the cakes are all eaten. Then it gets less fun...

I'm not sure, but I might need a new porch if that thing showed up.

I'm sorry, you'll have to look me in the eye to communicate your wishes properly.

I'd probably grab a shotgun and start trying to banish the evil pony from hell by destroying it's corporeal form.

You're assuming several nonsensical things here.

Para, you're the one who's nonsensical. You keep showing up on my doorstep, or in my bed, or whatnot, and NEVER do you bring your own cake. >:(

It's because you have such delicious cakes. ;~;

That's just because I'm awesome at baking cakes. Which I am thanks to my grandma being awesome at it, and she thought me how to. ^-^

That's absolutely lovely of her~

Indeed. My grandma is awesome. Seriously, if she started a bakery she'd become rich!

And totally put you as the heir apparent. >.>

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