Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Looks like Gengar's already on it. But if he fails, I shall simply make a loud enough noise to kill them. With resonated vuvuzelas.

Throw it into a frat party. I can not last long.

"Hey Zorc, here is someone for you to play a practical joke on!"

"Oh goody, I just love practical jokes!"

Use a heavily modified pokeball to capture every part of your avatar at the same time.
And then I crush it, and the tiny, localized singularity sucks all of you in before collapsing completely. It was as though none of those horrible characters ever existed.

I play the vuvuzela with no hands while punching his face in.

(It's all I see, sorry I can't do more)

I beat him to death with his own vuvuzela before melting it in the fires of Mt. Doom, destroying it forever.

I get the ghost to eat Team Rocket's souls.

I'm thinking a spike covered ceiling slowly descending with no exit from the room, a classic.

Spike through the torso never fails.

Take you to the Grand Canyon, steal your glasses and throw them into the canyon.

You start to climb down to search for them when I throw some large rocks down at you.


I challenge you to a Ro-Sham-Bo to the death.
I don't see how I could lose.


Execution Notice: For failure to comply to delievery orders and running one's own ship through the sign, AwesomeExpress will be executed by being tied to a rocket ship and launched into the atmosphere. If AwesomeExpress is not killed by this, then he is a witch and shall be burned at the stake.

I sentence you to drown in a vat of jelly and or jam you decide.

End the road.

Make her hyper, and have her arms flailing so fast that she flies... Right into a jet engine's turbine.

I would stake him out in the desert to be eaten alive by deliberately starved tortoises.

Take him to Detroit...

Introduce her to a 21 ton weight and a hunger

Well its a clown, so I will have to throw it in the lion pit.

I sentence you to drown in a vat of jelly and or jam you decide.

I choose hermaphroditic Peanut Butter. Either that or I live.

OT: I set the volts to 11...Spinal Tap refrence so I'm not changing the number

Barrage of donuts!

Well there's only one way to kill an innocent-looking anime girl spaceship.


(Wait, how was that four minutes apart? I swear that must have taken a couple minutes to go through)

I'd take Kirby out of Sonic's skull, and fill Sonic's head full of jello. Then I'd take Kirby and make him join the Columbia Record Club.

I have a large creature eat him.... while it's moving at one million miles per hour.

There, that should adequetly suffice both Kirby and Sonic.

I smash his face open and make him drink his own blood until he dies of horrible bowel disease.
No one ever ninjas me and lives!!!

Okay but seriously, I probably just send him to the centre of the sun to deliver a pizza.

I'd make him watch The Fountain.

I shoot the rocket and now it is boom.

Send him to a daycare center. He will be eaten alive.

Instead of sacrificing myself, I temporarily transfer my light/dark energy into you, attach a nuke to your body, and hurl you at the Overmind.
You and the Overmind die, and I have know completely fucked up the Starcraft cannon.
You're welcome.

Well at least it would be awesome.

OT: I would

Death by teacup

Death by snoo snoo.

Death by band publicity.

Death by Snookie!!! or sexy firing squad

Well I won't go into detail but it involves quite a few people who are 'gay for Bridget'.

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