Blatant Lies

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I am invisible. I'm also not back.

I love it when Google search keeps saying "file not found" and I have to hit the reload button a hundred times before it actually loads the damn page. I totally don't feel like ripping my laptop in half and shoving it down the throat of the person responsible for this total non-bullshit either.

I am responsible for all of the above!!!

With water! O.O

And we shall make cookies out of the remains and feed them to hobos.

The hobos will appreciate our efforts to reintegrate them into the cannibalistic society.

I call leader of that society.

I am the second in command of that society.

They call me the World Bank.

I will blame you for all of our society's problems.

I blame you for not following my directives. >:o

I blame you for giving me directives via sticky notes. B(

Sticky notes were the way of the future!

50 years ago. >.>

I was alive 5o years ago <.<

I was dead 10 years ago. >.>

I could bear the thought of your death very well.

I don't wish I had the vocal power of Zack de la Rocha sometimes.

I'm not going to sleep now.

What with it not being 5AM and all. >.>

I don't believe you and hope you have horrible nightmares.

I never have nightmares...

My dreams always make sense and I remember every one in detail.

Back in my day you could convey sarcasm through text.

Back in your day, old men remained old. >.>

Back when days were days we'd never use punctuation

Back when the Mayans were hip, honey used to be bee poop.

Back in my day I was an old man.

Back in my day, the Egyptians were starting to write.

I am not listening to this and even if I was I hate it.

I have watched this anime but I haven't heard this song from it and hated it.

Bastion was one of the worst games I've ever played. I regret wasting time on it, and I hope no one buys that awful soundtrack it has.

I'm not tempted to try Bastion. >.>

Its awful.

Nah it's too expensive for what it is.

Way way too expensive. D:

I never post in Forum Games. EVER!

I have never seen Redlin in the forum games before, so his above statement must be true <.<

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