the ^ < V game

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^ has a sucky username. literally.
< has no mouth but still can scream.
v damn you're so sexy.

^ You should see me with my human disguise on.
< I don't know what I'm watching on TV.
v What movie has Edward Norton and Jon Voight in it?

^ To hell if I know.

< Has had a bit of a rough coupe of hours.

V Gets a lot of snow.

^ No, I haven't

< Isn't creative

V Was affected by a recent fire

^ Wrong
< Hasn't been in a fire since was a kid
V Traumatized by fire

^ Not yet.
< I thought the stove was a monster when I was little.
V Lurking.

^ Sleeping more like

< Is still sleepy

V Just sneezed

^ Nope. Thank goodness.

< Has recently become interested in Mark of the Ninja and wondering whether to buy it or not.

V Has played the game.

^ No
< Wants it
v Doesn't want it

^ Want what?

< Damn it, I just lost the game.

V Walks like a leopard.

^ I walk like a person with a limp

< Is still limping

V Has some sort of permanent injury.

^ A few minor ones.
< Mostly to joints.
v No permanent injuries.

^ No, not really, I do have a scar on my left eye though, does that count?
< Holds his right arm like he's hurt and starts limping when he's really nervous.
v Does something weird when they're nervous too.

^ And it is legal in most countries.
< And by *most*, I mean *some*.
v Did you get that thing I sent you?

^ Nope.
< Is curious to what this thing is.
V Is going to steal the precious thing.

^ Depends on what it is

< Is about to play Minecraft

v Plays Minecraft regularly

^ I suppose you could say I do.

< Has not played Minecraft in the last few days though.

V Needs soap.

^ Whatya building?
< Needs shampoo more than anything else
v Weekend, woooo!

^Yay! :D

< Has curly hair

V Has had lice or something similar at least once in their life time.

^ What would be "something similar" to lice?
< Doesn't have lice, ladies.
V Will turn me down.

^ I AM A MAN! Oh, and @Collins, I've got one project that I've got on hold at the moment. It's a harbor town set on top of a few small islands. It's only the first of several towns I plan on making in that world.

< Bah.

V Has something of importance to tell everyone.

^ Yup! I've misplaced my glasses!

< Using my spare

V Stepped on their own glasses before

^ Yep, broke them and didn't buy a new pair until 4 years later when I was all blind and stuff.
< Spends a lot of money on glasses, because if I'm going to wear something all the time it may as well be stylish!
v Agrees with me on the stylish thing?

^ Yeah... Looks trump cost everytime.
< Also, I'm broke. That says something about me. ; -;
V Self-reflecting at the moment.

^ Too tired to self-reflect right now.

< Just woke up a little while ago.

V Just robbed a very small bank.

^ Is clearly a cop
< They're onto me
v Thinks i'm paranoid

^ Yes, but that doesn't mean they're not onto you.
< Isn't indecisive.
v Am I indecisive?

^ I dunno...

< Really needs to apologise to someone >.<

V Hasn't apologised to anyone in ages

^ Nope. Had to apologize to my parents over something silly not too long ago. :/

< Woke up with a numb arm

V Can perform back flips.

^ Only underwater.

< Just had the most refreshening glass of Pepsi.

V Coke or Pepsi?

^Coke. Diet Coke specifically.

< Is trying to drink less of it.

V Cheese for everyone!

^ No, scratch that. Cheese for no one.

< Waiting for his little brother to stop being a douche long enough for us to make dinner plans.

V Will catch this mini pineapple.*throws "mini pineapple"*

^ I will indeed
< Is good at catching
v Is a good catch

^ *Looks at mirror* Yes, quite good indeed.
< Was asked if he's ever raped a girl, WTF?!
v Wouldn't know what to say in this situation.

^I would say: "No, I never raped a girl". Not sure what else to say to that. :/

< Wondering if the Game Pun thread in Gaming Discussion will be moved to Forum Games.

V Has went spelunking.

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