The Thread of Love

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What do you mean, it's not a comedy?

Stepping on dog poop with your new shoes.

Makes you experience the harsh nature of life, and forces you to grow emotionally from it.

Zeel's rants.

He made a martyr out of himself

On-disk DLC

It's a good teaching tool I suppose

"And this is why not everyone has a webcam and microphone kids!"


OT: Well you don't have to download much!

Twilight fans!

At least they aren't harmful to others!

Superman 64!

It made for a brilliant Angry Video Game Nerd episode.

Carlos Mencia

At least people hate him for more reasons than being fat!


They look cute in a repulsive way.

Steve Jobs

Apple products are still useful.


They still look awesome to some people!

Fly (the insect)

It's kind of cool when you can just stare at them rubbing their hands together and pretend that they're Bond villains.

Bad American versions of foreign shows.

So bad their funny (Except the office, that's funny)


They're really fun to screw with when you meet them in real life.


A bunch of whining idiots who blames others for their shortcomings.

Nuclear war.

Everyone's equal in the eyes of the nuke!

Misusing internet memes

Facepalming isn't so bad.


It´s something to do on a lazy sunday afternoon

dribbling toothpaste on your fresh shirt

Fresh + minty fresh = SUPER FRESH

step fathers

captcha: "cold feet" my feet are freezing....IT KNOWS <.<

They're not as mentally abusive as step mothers

Chemical warfare

More effective than sacrificing your own troops!


If it weren't for assault, what pun would hip hop group Salt-n-Pepa use instead of "A Salt with a Deadly Pepa"?

Metallica's "Lulu" album.

it didn't kill me

Battleship the movie

It had Liam Neeson in it

Justin Bieber

It's funny to watch a white kid surround himself with more talented black people and act gangsta.

Lil Wayne

(Damn. Usurped! I know nothing of Lil Wayne.) ...but according to Wikipedia, I should admire his ability to build a rap career despite being born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

Ah... Mass Effect 3!

I love that it got a lot of free publicity for it's ending

World of Warcraft

It's nice to know that those experiments with lab rats doing the same thing over and over for food have real life merit.

Youtube commenters

They make you feel more intelligent.

Rotten food.

What else would we throw at bad comedians?

Stubbing your toe

Now I know that my nerve receptors are functioning properly.

Brown realistic shooters

I love that they make me feel like a B-movie action star

Game breaking bugs

Maybe I'll go outside.


Better than class!

No hands

Better improve other parts of your body.

Sonic 2006

Daily activities suddenly look badass from the perspective of people around you.

Smart cars

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