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More thunder. More lightning. And more rain. Bah! As long as it doesn't knock out my TV signal within the next hour fifteen minutes I don't care.

Something's wrong...the sky is red...there's thunder and it's roasting hot.

Yeah, I'm in a plane of Oblivion.

Around here it's more like May showers bring May flowers. Can you guess what's going on right now?

Just finished raining and its cold...

'tis a summer evening. The sky is dark, but it remains pleasantly warm. I love this!

It's raining and we're only going to be getting more between now and Monday afternoon.

It just finished raining...

Might go out later to buy some snacks...

It's sunny, despite the forecast of scattered thunderstorms.

It's back to being sunny and hopefully it should be like that for most of the summer. I will be however expecting some rain at some point next week.

It's pretty sunny and relatively warm.. for now.

I'm waiting for the thunderstorm as soon as I have to leave the house. ><

Too warm. I don't like it.

Rain. Nothing but rain all day today and for the next two days.

Looks like we're finally getting that rain we've been expecting all weekend. Fun.

I can't tell if I got used to it, or it's getting cooler.

It would seem that it can't decide whether it wants to be sunny or rain today.

It was hot and sunny earier, now we have a massive storm on top of us.

its as bright as it is bland in my town this eve

Well it's hot enough that I saw ice cream catch on fire, if that helps you out.

It's dark and humid. It's cosy.

Sunny again. And here I thought(read hoping) that it would remain cloudy/rainy for the rest of the day. At least it cooled down.

We are expecting even more rain. As to what it will rain has yet to be determined.(I hope it's either money or marshmallows)

Cold, like usual...although we got good weather for a full 2 weeks!

It is raining and it will keep on raining until the winter shows up, then it will keep on raining and finally in December it snows. But of course that is how the capital works in my mind, for I do not live here.

Today was was awesome. If the rest of summer could be like today that would be fantastic.

It was hot, then windy, then it rained for a few seconds, then there was a sandstorm and a lightning storm and now it's quiet and boring.

Its night, cold, but it was quite warm today.

It's been nice lately, only getting into the low 70s most days.

Still quite nice, no rain (yet, clouds aren't too promising)

What weather? Call this weather? The sky's doing f**k-all at the moment! Not much rain, sunshine or anything at all, just clouds as far as the eye can see!

Rainy with a chance of more rain.

Today's forecast is more bloody showers, if you can believe that.

It's raining cats and dogs.

Which is no surprise, since the weatherman predicted zebras and marmosets.

A beautiful sunny day with no clouds, due to the comet barreling down towards us.

It's cold, real cold. You got a window? Don't open it or you'll probably be flayed alive by the chill winds! >.<

Sunny with a chance of still being wet.

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