The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Caim found that his opponent was rather like himself; he traded in strength for speed. However, Caim noted that his weapon was probably heavier than his own, and took advantage of that; ducking and weaving around the chainsaw's fire covered blade. Caim couldn't help but laugh at the thought that just earlier he was doing the same to someone else.
He was able to get in a few minute cuts here and there, and went in for a downward swing... That's when he felt the chainsaw started grinding against his armor from the side. Caim must have miscalculated; and gritted his teeth in pain as the chainsaw simultaneously cut and heated his armor. To make matters worse, the larger man was holding his arms with one beefy hand.
That's when Caim remembered what Cadolbolg said.

"Kick him in the balls!

With that, Caim flashed a grin, and a leg flew upward; and the chainsaw wielder decided that he'd rather keep his manhood than cut into Caim. Pulling his sword out from Caim's side, the man jumped back before Caim could hit anything of value. Caim wobbled, as the pain from the vibration/cutting/heating of his armor; as it was rather overloading to his senses.
In the back of his adrenaline pumped mind, Caim could hear the dragon screeching his name. True to his nature, Caim was mum to the dragon; focusing more on the man before him. That was when two voices that Caim hadn't heard in ages surfaced;

"Master! Don't give up now! You have to protect Angelus!"
"Don't forget we await your commands, and can carry them out at any time! Use us!"

Caim gripped his sword once again; and mentally called out an old and familiar magic's name: "COMETDANCE!"
Three great balls of fire shot at the enemy plaguing Caim.

Warthog finally came up with the master plan of driving Around Cortex's Truck.
The Second he did, Cortex dived back to the driver's seat and went in Full Throttle, Ramming Warthog out of the way.
The Skull Driver leapt and grabbed onto Angelus's Wing to avoid the Cometdance.
He was going to attack again but after the crazy ass Voodoo shit Caim just did (At least that's how he saw it) He got a better Idea.
Taking the Chainsaw, He Cut into the Wing in a massive red spray.
The Dragon Lost Control and the Driver lost his grip and fell towards the streets below.
But he had planned for this and pulled the Rip Cord on his Parachute and began to glide towards the Juggernaut...

Angelus was screaming/roaring in pain from the cut to her wing, blood oozing from it. Caim on the other hand, was having a tough time of it holding on. With a very dirty swear in mind, Caim shot Cometdance at the man again; puncturing holes in his parachute (if not setting it on fire). As the man fell, Caim was trying his best to calm the dragon, he urged her to land discreetly somewhere, where he could try to patch her up. Angelus was having none of that, and was flailing in the sky. A berserk dragon was not something that anyone wanted to deal with. Caim held on for dear life, and was still trying his best to reach the dragon's mind.

maybe not a double post.... Damn escapist.

Angelus shrieked at the bullets shot at her; and rained fire down upon the new car that dared to attack her. Caim and the spirits encouraged this new development instead of her of attacking the buildings. Caim tried to encourage Cadolbolg's efforts as well, but was fearful of what may come from her rage. The dragon poured her fury unto Axel and heat was pouring into the car. The smell of burning metal and blood filled the air; and Caim was still holding on for dear life as the dragon continued her assault.
"Angelus, you're much better when you're sane! Come on! What happened to the great and wise dragon I know? ANGELUS!"

As the death race waged on...


Tomoya just came to Puse's room with his food he saw that the room was empty. He dropped the tray once more. He felt different this time...he wasn't kidnapped. BUT HE LEFT HIM AT THE DAMNED HOSPITAL! A spark ignited in Tomoya's eyes as he sighed. He was sick and tired of these car games. Why was he doing it, He doesn't know? The flicker of his computer watch came to life as he saw that his ship was close. He decided to make a plan.

Tomoya rushed out of the hospital to be met with dark clouds and fierce lightning. His ship was here. This was it's cloaking device. The electricity from his bike was absorbed again as the ship beamed him up.

Minutes later.

As the battle waged on suddenly dark clouds appeared. High above lied the Archangel's Fleets Capital ship.

It it may not be the biggest ship he has but it was sure the most powerful. Tomoya decided to not let anyone discover it yet. He played along with the race as he was in the hanger with his bike ready to launch back into the race.

Even more minutes later.

A clearing in the cloud revealed Tomoya on his bike. Riding down to the Earth with his Lightning wings out. He landed in a clearing in the battle. Wondering what's going on.

From what Puce and Kurumu could see; Caim was having a hell of a time holding onto Angelus. His face seemed pained, and he was clutching his side (as opposed to holding his sword) with one hand and gripping the dragon with the other.

Angelus, on the other hand, was turning to attack Kamikaze; as the crew was now unable to defend themselves. With a scream that sounded like:

Angelus fired upon the unsuspecting humans; with both Caim and Cadolbolg in tow. The smell of burnt flesh, metal and blood seemed to follow the dragon everywhere; coloring her more a demon than any divine being that her name implied.

Angelus' mind was a cacophony of sensations at the moment. This much Caim was able to tell, as he was finally able to reach inside of her mind, if only just a little. He found himself washed over with the pain from her wing, the anger of her partner being assaulted, an irritation from himself and the others trying to reach her mind, and countless other thoughts/feelings/emotions coming in. Caim had to stop for a moment to catch his breath; and then remembered the dull pain in his side. Gripping it once again, he tried weakly to call Cadolbolg to his side, so as to avoid him being hurt accidentally by Angelus' rage.

It was then Caim heard Kurumu's call-back. With a "Oh damn it a-"
Angelus jerked her head towards Kurumu; blood dripping down her face from the few humans that found their way to her jaws (and the occasional bullet wound). With a raspy thrum following before her maw opened, "Who... DARES? WHO DARES?! RAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!"

With a flap of her mighty wings, the dragon took to the air after the aircraft; "PEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIISSSH!"


Angelus charged after her new query, which was far more interesting than her previous one. From what Caim could see in her mind (in the short bursts he could handle); she had reverted to a far more bestial state of mind, sort of as a fail safe if she felt she was explicitly in danger. As far as he could tell; she was thinking everything and anything was a threat, regardless of cognitive alignment.
"So, when she tires out, she should come out of it..."
When she would tire, was another matter entirely. Caim found himself shielding his face and his wound more often than not; as glass and various other materials were flying at him and his face. All the man could do was hold on; if his arm didn't fall off first.

The dragon sniffed the air; but her normally sharp nose was clogged by the scent of blood and iron. She growled, and began to shoot fire in the empty air; "YOUR TRICKS WILL NOT FOOL ME, HUMANS! RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!!!"
Caim noticed that the dragon's energies were draining. If this process were to continue, Caim figured the rage would end. In the meantime, Caim was still attempting to pull Angelus back to her old self. Easier said than done.

Caim's eyes widened when he saw Cadolbolg dislodge himself from Angelus.
"Cadolbolg! Nnnngggnn..."
He then covered his face from the glass; and felt the wound in his side ache again. He was starting to feel himself grow heavy. Angelus' wounds were tolling on his body now. The shoulder that Angelus had carved was starting to feel unbearable to himself, and he felt splitting pain every time she flapped a wing. She had to stop before she killed herself.
Giving one final push into her mind, Caim called, "Angelus... Please. Stop."

Angelus felt a veil lift from her mind, as she felt Caim's influence on her mind once again; and the rage disipated.
"RAAAAAAAAARRrrrrrrr..... Caim? What.. What happened?"
That was when she noticed Cadolbolg was gone, and an influx of recollection flowed from Caim's mind into her own. That was also when the collective pain from the both of them hit the dragon. With a choking shriek, the dragon almost fell out of mid-flight; but forced herself to land quietly behind a building.

It was a rough landing, as the dragon had sort of crashed onto the ground. Caim sort of rolled off of the dragon and landed with a hard 'thunk' off the ground. His sword drawn, Caim dragged himself by the dragon's side and propped himself by her flank. The both looked like hell, but they were alive. They just needed to lay low for a bit, and pick off any cars that came their way.

"We've been in worse than this, right dragon? We'll survive."

Caim gave a small smile through gritted teeth, and nodded, "I've had worse... It's a good thing I had my trusty armor, or I might not have lived. I've got to live, you know. We made a deal... Me and Angelus..."
The dragon's head moved slightly and in a wavered voice, muttered, "He can't hear you; you great fool. It's all in your head... And you're still talking... You never were good at listening to me..."

Both partners gasped for air; and coughed as oxygen pumped back into their lungs. Caim's eyes were the first to open, and he forced himself up; causing protest from both Kururmu and Puce. Using the sword as a brace, Caim wobbled next to Angelus; and settled himself against her, petting her nose gently. The dragon's eye opened wearily, and she spoke softly;
"First and foremost, I speak for the both of us when I say Thank you for your services. Were it not for you two; we'd have perished. Not that it would have been a bad death, by this fool's design."
Caim gave a weak grin at that, and the dragon continued,
"Second, I... I apologize for the trouble I brought upon you. I cannot justify a blood rage to you humans, as the only one I know whom experiences it is silent. If anything, it was from a desire to protect, rather than to kill with the greatest efficiency. I only hope my rage was brought upon our enemies rather than our allies. And yes, Kurumu, it was a tad hypocritical on my part to become berserk after lecturing you to not do the same. Perhaps I understand your motivations a tad bit better... If only a little."
Caim gave the dragon a confused look, "Angelus?"
"It is nothing to worry about, Caim. What matters now is what lies ahead."
She looked to the two, "What do we do now?"

A Truck horn sounded as Cortex soon Pulled up having witnessed Angelus's Rampage.
"Come on People, We don't have any more time to waste! GO! Go! GO!" He shouted before he went after the damaged Juggernaut, now on it's last legs following the Dragon's Attacks, but it still managed to spawn another Axel.

Juggernaut and the Cars all fell back to gain distance while delpoying mines.


As Tomoya got hit by the golden washtub he looked behind with a swollen bump on his head. As he kept on riding and looked back rubbing the bump too, he didn't notice the pile of cardboard boxes ahead of him. He hit them with full speed and fell into the pile with his bike, being made unconscious as well. "Damn...magic! He thought as he faded to nothing.

Minutes or whatever later.

As Tomoya rose up from the slumber he slept in he still managed to curse the unknown thing that did that. He easily hopped back onto his bike and saw Cortex and his truck. "What happened while I was gone" He said as he pulled aside Cortex and yelled to him whilst looking at the Juggernaut ahead of them.

"Oh, just Murder/Death/Kill, the Usual. We have to destory that Truck, Get in the back and on the mounted gun!" Cortex shouted over the roar of his truck as he opened the rear doors leading to the Mounted Tri-Gun on his Juggernaut.

Tomoya gave a casual salute before he drove into the back of Cortex's truck. The doors slammed behind as Tomoya hopped out quickly and jumped onto the tri-gun. Waiting for a view of the Juggernaut before he started to shoot.

At the time he thought. "Boy maybe this guy isn't all that evil..." then Tomoya thought of Rugal and took it all back.

Cortex Drove up behind the Juggernaut, avoiding Mines and missiles, Axel turned 180. and started to unload on Him and Tomoya.
Cortex hit the mounted guns and shouted "NOW!" to Tomoya to get him to start shooting.

A nod came from Tomoya as he unlocked the safety for the gun an began to fire back on the truck and Axel. Not caring who he is hitting but hopefully it will save him from the gun fire. He also hid in the guns metal armor. "Shit, he's firing back!" Tomoya yelled back to Cortex.

The cars all turned around to converge on Cortex and Tomoya. The Juggernaut continued its barrage.

"GRRRRAAAHH! DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE FUCKING WITH!? I'VE KILLED MY FAMILY, 2 ENTIRE SCHOOLS AND MILLIONS OF ANIMALS! I EAT SHIT LIKE YOU FOR....Great, now I can't finish that...WELL TASTE MY PAIN BITCH!" Cortex ranted as he hit the Turbo on his truck and drove straight though Mines, Missiles and Cars.
The Juggernaut seemed to drive though a different world, filled with flames, lead and explosions.
Axel and Warthog were rammed clear out of the way as the front of the truck crashed into the rear of the Skull's one, exposing the Car Creation area.
Several fanatic screams where silenced as Cortex hit all mounted weapons at once right into the the spine of the truck.
A massive blast marked the end for the Juggernaut as he flipped over to the side and slid into a Gas Station with expected results.


Cortex laughed madly with scoot, oil and blood on his face.

The other cars opened fire on Cortex's Juggernaut. Warthog movd to use his crush.

Through most of the last post. Tomoya had curled up into a ball and went into the fetal position scared as shit when he saw what happened. Then he came to his senses as he could hear mad laughing. Annoyed by this, Tomoya got down from the gun, opened the back door, walked to the drivers seat...and threw a Skunk in there with Cortex to stop him laughing. Tomoya quickly then jumped onto his bike and got out of there quickly. Laughing to himself.

Cortex fought with Skunk and thanks to his blood lust, killed it with his bare hands.
Before he could regain control of his truck, it crashed into a storefront, launching Cortex out of the cab and into a pile of glass bottles of lemon juice on sale.

As Tomoya drove by and stopped in front of the store. "Well,...I kinda wished it was a skunk store." He chuckled to himself once more before he drove off once more looking for the rest of his opponents.

Sure his ship was above the battle. Not for force but to observe the battle, his enemies, his friends...and the tournaments master's power.

A smirk was spread across Tomoya's face, changing his mood from angry to his normal self.

While the others were fighting the drivers of the second Juggernaut were asleep, awakened by an abrupt announcement.

Second Juggernaut disqualified, prepare to fight Minion.

Some Time Eariler
The Second Juggernaut's Driver fell asleep after one too many drinks.
After the Intercom went off, He woke up in daze to find a Dragon in the Skies, A Flying Car and the Harbour in Flames.
Without thinking he got out and ran straight out of town before going on to enter Rehab for His Drinking Problem.

Cortex heard the Intercom and sighed as he picked glass out of his hair "Ohhhhh...What now?..."

The second juggernaut was instantly smahsed into pieces as a heavily armoured and armed oil tanker charged at Cortex.

"Since you have all been doing so well, Its time for you to meet Minion".

"He's a former champion of my competition, and one of the most fearsome. He also has an ace up his sleeve that you will soon find out. Good luck, you will need it.".

Cortex finished pulling broken glass out of his face and downing some Painkillers for good measure.
Once drugged up, he talked out of the Storefront and went to enter his barely standing Juggernaut.
Then he saw it.
"Ohhhhhh...I shoulda just went home..."
He attempted to start it before Minion got to work.

Minon was now seconds from ramming Juggernaut, It launched a missle barrage at Spectre.

"Wha? No! Please! Don't!" Cortex Pleaded as Minion Rammed straight into the side of his Juggernaut's trailer, Taking it off Completely.
Cortex Counted his Blessings and finally got the truck going before fleeing and looking for a Health Semi or something.

Sighting the energy absorbtion from spectre, Minion speeded towards it, aiming one of its Flame Turrets in their direction.


As cortex turned a corner, he spotted a Heatlh Semi.

"OH THANK THE ELEMENTALS!" Cortex Shouted as he rode up the Health Semi and The Truck was repaired, The Trailer was still gone but he could live without that.
After the repairs were finished, He turned back towards the ruins of town after Minion.

Minion was unfased by the flame blast back, using the force to reverse and pull a handbrake turn to face Spectre. It fired again, only as the flames erupted, they became a barrage fireballs which blazed towards Spectre.

Minion, while directing this fire with the turret, searched for Juggernaut.

Cortex attempted a sneak attack from the side of Minion, Ramming into the side of the Massive Tanker.

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