We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Tao...doesn't really know." Tao said to Dal truthfully as she rubbed the back of her head.

"So...hate...her..." Echo said. She didn't sound very certain about it. In fact, she seemed rather torn on the subject.

"You... don't know? Do the people not venture far outside the village from where you're from?"

"Well, it's only fair to state where I'm from. I'm from an underground city called D'ni. We've been in exodus for over 4000 years. But besides that, I want to make conversation about where everyone came from."

Ness puts her hand to her chin as she sees Echo's reaction. "...I see. So you don't really hate her... but she must've done something to you in order for you to feel conflicted..." She pauses for a moment before asking "Is your aunt the reason you can't talk normally?"

"Not very much, meow." Tao said with a grin. "What does ecks-oh-dos mean?" she then asked.

"...Done something. The...reason." Echo said as she folded her arms over her chest and looked away, seeming clearly sad and angry again.

Savranth walks around the town taking in the sights.

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Ness notes Echo's reaction and bows her head down a bit. Looks like I've treaded into sensitive territory... "Sorry, Echo. ....I was.. just curious, I didn't mean to offend you or make you angry... I'll keep my mouth shut about your aunt, unless you feel like you want to talk about it later."

"Exodus means to get away from a catastrophe and start anew on a new place. Over 4,000 years ago our original home planet experienced a calamity and wiped out the environment. It forced us to travel to the world we live in now... five kilometers beneath the surface."

"How 'bout you? What's your village like? What do you do there?"

@Saltyk. I think @Furioso did something with Rita earlier. But other than that, I think more of us relocated to the Beastkin run farmland.

"...Talk about it...later." Echo said with a shallow and slow nod. She still didn't look at Ness.

"That sounds bad, meow." Tao said to Dal with a concerned expression. "Tao spends most of the time eating and sleeping." she explained in a more lighthearted tone.

Savranth walked up to Dal'Sheen.
"Hello. When did you get here?"

Dal had a quizzical expression.
"So... you don't have a job? Do you know what the people in your village do?"

He turned to Savranth.
"About an hour ago. I got the information I needed about the altar. But I'm at a dead end, so I'm going to wait it out for now until I have another lead."

OoC: @Salty, Rita just took a look at one of the mining droids, she's currently leaning against the fence that blocks off the pit where the minerals are dumped

Ness turns away as well and sits herself down a bit before looking out into space. It was too awkward for her to say anything more, since she thought just talking was going to piss Echo off more. ...This is why I've never had a boyfriend, isn't it?

"You're still looking for information on that? What have you found?" Savranth asked.

Geo walked over to Rita. "Still here, huh?"

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"They sleep a lot too, meow. I don't know exactly what they all do." Tao said to Dal.

Echo gives a silent sigh and sits next to Ness. After a little bit of time went by, she leaned on Ness lightly.

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Rita looked up "Hm? Oh, yea. Wouldn't know where to go if I left anyways."

"It was a long trek, and I had a good run for a while. While I was in Fourside, I visited the museum in search for any artifacts of interest. Mostly skeletons and pottery. However there was one artifact that was missing from its display case. It was dated to around 8900 odd years ago, coinciding with the existence of the hypothetical race you spoke of. The men there redirected me to the labs where the scientists were studying the energy properties of the artifact. I also learned from the scientists that it was used during the war 20 years ago as a symbol of peace between the factions. If this artifact, the civilization, and the altar are truly related, then this may be the one key to peace on this planet. But without any other artifacts, I am not sure."

He turned to Tao.
"You're really curious. Is there any reason why you dress like that?"

As Echo leans on her, Ness smiles faintly and leans on Echo lightly as well.

Tao seemed to drift off as Dal went on with his explanation of things. She clearly wasn't paying very close attention.

Echo smiles a bit herself.

"That seems like a stretch. Besides, that MAY be one of the pieces, but aren't there more than one indentation? You're talking about looking for a needle in a haystack." Savarnth replied.

"Well... I don't know. You could always stay here for a little while." Geo replied.

After a bit of time, Ness starts to get up and offers Echo a hand. "Do you want to go eat somewhere, Echo?"

Rita thought for a moment "Hmm, at least until something interesting comes up. I've been traveling with that Loki guy, I'll probably leave whenever he leaves."

"I know there was more than one indentation. It's the only hypothesis I have. The artifact's date coincides with the existence of a race between 20,000 and 5,000 years ago. The artifact represented peace between the two factions during the war. It's possible that it belonged to a race that split into the factions. I don't know where to find the rest of them. Rockbyrd probably won't have any additional artifacts to study. Only until I find more will I be sure or change my hypothesis."

"Well, you it sounds like you need to continue looking. DO you have any other ideas where they might be?" Savranth asked Dal'Sheen.

"Yeah, and you'd probably be wise not to work in the quarry in the meantime." Geo responded. "Anyway, what can you tell me about that Loki guy?"

"Go eat." Echo said to Ness with a nod.

Tao fell asleep suddenly.

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"Other than Rockbyrd...." He thought for a bit. "What other cities or places in this world have a business in mining? Other than that, I don't have any other leads and I'll have to wait for something to happen."

Dal'Sheed rolled his eyes at Tao falling asleep on the ground.

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Loki was still standing on the edge of Granite Pass, gazing towards the mountain in the west. From his vantage point, it seemed the setting sun was aligned with the structure ontop of the mountain.

Ness starts to walk her way toward the shopping district, looking for anywhere she and Echo may be able to eat.

"Not much, has a funny way of talking and..." Rita caught herself, almost mentioning Loki's illusionary powers, nearly forgetting that bringing up magic here wouldn't be a smart idea. "...and I think he might think he's better than everyone, but he seems ok."

Savranth thought for a moment. "Well, Granite Pass is a little South East of here. They have a quarry there."

"Yeah, I got that sense..." Geo replied. "Anyway, what's your interest in all this?"

"Hmmm..." He paused. "While I would like to go there and figure more out, I want to see more of this place. Figure out how the population works." He took another beat, and tilted his head up into the sky.

"Are there really no other continents besides this one and the other to the west?"

OoC: Hey guys, what have I missed?

"Knowledge. I... was never able to learn much about all of this technology growing up, so I'm making up for lost time."

OoC @FPS: Nothin' much.

After standing in contemplation for some time, Loki approached one of the miners who were waiting for their shift to start. "Excuse me. What can you tell me about that structure standing ontop of that mountain over there?" he asked, pointing towards the west.

In Holadino, the shopkeeper from which the group had bought produce earlier closed, then headed towards the military pressence. Approached a soldier stationed at the gates of the base, the shopkeeper said, "Hello. I'd like to report a posible Xiphatian."

"I was just suggesting a next move is all. Granite Pass seems like the kind of thing you're looking for." Savranth shrugged. "And those are the only continents."

"Makes sense. I've always been fascinated with it and worked to understand it myself. Now, I'd like to see it go further." Geo said.

"I know, I know. I just want to take a break is all, learn more about the world I'm in. Afterwards, I'll make my way to either Granite Pass or Rockbyrd."

He took a breath.
"I asked because the size of the continents are awfully small. It feels like there would need to be some other continent and this is a small island."

"Also, do golems often go rampant or rogue? I ask this because I saw some energy detectors stationed like a grid outside of Fourside. Only one of them was smashed in by some huge blunt force."

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