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Icarus approached the psychotic girl he looked at her forcing her to look into his eyes, his magic eye stared into her it felt piercing as if he was staring right into her soul.
Alright you two are coming with me, We need any help we can get besides this one is better off being watched. he said looking at the girl.
he then took flight guiding the two to the Rising Dawn.

In the Void
He watched as she fought, it was amazing to see her power still something familiar about her, no matter he would soon have all of her secrets but first, must make an entrance.

As Athenus decimated any monster near her she felt something approach the air became freezing, a man approached he had long black hair and dark green eyes his skin was pale he wore the robes befitting a king, though he wore metal boots and gauntlets he had on a silver crown.
"What marvelous strength you are surely the strongest warrior I've ever laid my eyes on. such speed and your compusre nothing short of flawless." his words were soft and tempting. he had a deep voice and he didn't ave to raise his voice every word he spoke was heard.

Athenus backed away from the man. "You seem like a hallucination. But this is the void, anything is possible." she said, still holding the scythe at the ready. "So, tell me who you are, then i might not attack you immediatly." she said rather calmly and controlled. "I'm Athenus, please, what's your name?" she asked, relaxing herself a bit, but keeping her guard up.

"SALT THE WOUNDS!" shouted Baby Tooth. She was quickly running and sprinting along the ground, eventually reaching the rising dawn. She climbed up the trees like a feral beast and was soon inside. "WHERE'S MY HUMAN LUNCHIN MEAT?" she shouted art the anyone who happened to be nearby.

The man bowed low
"I am known as Somber, I was once a great king, I ruled over a powerful kingdom until I was betrayed, cruelly my own brother chose a girl who would only use him, it broke my heart to see him like that I tried to reason with him but he refused to listen as if he was under a spell, I tried to confront the witch but my brother was under her influence and attacked me he banished me here its been such a long time, I do miss my brother so." he looked sad almost heart-broken.

Rising Dawn

Icarus was worried the others thought another was attacking
"Umm the crazy one is on our side as is the boy in the mask.
It's a bit late to start training today so I'm going to postpone it till the morning but we will have to get ready. those bastards weren't fooling around when they promised they'd kill everything on earth." he headed to the captains quarters and laid on teh bed he was so very tired, his heart felt heavy.
"Oh sister what would I give to have you back."

"Wow. Even the mind flayeds are better at mocking up a story than you. You think I don't know when I'm reading my own book?" She asked him, tightening her grip on the scythe. "Lets try this one again, truthfully." Athenus said to him. "I may be insane enough to be able to stare at Cthulhu, but I'm no fool."

The air got even colder he had a look of disappointment, the sadness was gone evidently he had been faking.
"So then, you want the real truth? you want to know whom I really am?"
He smiled showing elongated canines
he laughed it was harsh almost cruel
"Not all of it was lies my name is Somber and I was a king but I was in fact a powerful demon-lord, I was banished here as a means of imprisonment for none are strong enough to defeat me.
And you are trapped here with me, It's been a long time since I had a new toy to play with."

He laughed cruelly his pupils became slits and black smoke billowed from his cape, concealing him.
"Tell me though you smell of a demon, a young one but I don't know of any such thing. What is this young demon lord I smell on you?"

David sat down in the dining hall with a plate of toast and some cheerios while Fate was choosing what she could have, he started eating some toast for the first time since he got here he was able to eat something "WHERE'S MY HUMAN LUNCHIN MEAT?!!!" someone yelled out outside of the dining hall David stopped and looked at his breakfast and then to where the yelling came from and back to his food again "no NO i'm not investigating it, i'm just gonna sit here and eat my breakfast

"No. NO, I'm not investigating it. I'm just gonna sit here and eat my breakfast."

Fate nodded in agreement, still wondering at what everything was. Eventually she decided on trying to have what David did, though she couldn't quite remember everything he'd done. Since the toaster was too complicated for her, she settled for just the cereal, and decided that it wasn't half bad. She didn't even notice David was having his with milk.

"Do we have a plan?" she asked, and when David didn't respond for a bit, she added, "You seem to be thinking about something. Do you mind if I ask what?"

It seemed everyone was headed to the dining hall, and hearing the sound of his stomach, Garrus followed. To his surprise, the ship actually had dextro-amino based foods. He grabbed a plate-ful and sat down opposite Fate and David. After taking a bite, he came to the conclusion that this food wasn't have bad.

"Eh," Garrus said shrugging his shoulders, "I've heard worse from a drunken vorcha on a bloodrage down in the bars of Omega."

"No. NO, I'm not investigating it. I'm just gonna sit here and eat my breakfast."
"You know, I've always did wonder what 'human' tasted like. I think I'll wait and have that for a fine dining dish," Garrus replied sarcastically.

"ha ha i meant I'm not investigating that yelling" he said taking a bite of his toast and turns to Fate's question "yeah i'm just thinking about that last fight and how he turned into a monkey and that two more are coming in a year or so, i'm just worried that's all" he said before eating his cheerios

Somber noticed something weird going on with her, as did Athenus. she felt like something was down in her gut... putting the reaper's scythe on her back. She coughed up blood, not something that would normally happen. feeling it try to come up and out of her, she began to force it back down. As she was doing so, the demon lord could see a hint of deep red try to surface in her soul. A blinding grey light that had shown a sign of weakness... or something that certainly wasn't human, or good for that matter.

it took her a few minutes to recover, but she finally stood. "So, what if i smell like demon lord? that could just mean i took off one's head. I have the blood of countless corpses on me, i'm sure one demon lord was in that bunch of them." she said, her eyes changing to their mangekyou sharingan form.
"Other than that, what is your interest in me?" she asked, wiping the blood from her lips.

Baby tooth walked into the canteen, sitting down across from david. She moved her mask, just enough to be able to eat. Pulling the corpse she had been lugging around, a deer one at that, she took the salt shaker, riped it's top off and poured the entire thing onto the unskinned deer. "salt the wound..." she said and just began to eat through the deer, skin, fur and all.

David wasn't really bother by Baby Tooth eating a deer as he himself had lived on wildlife for a year at one time "got the shinest meat bicycle as well I'd bet" he said taking a bite and then grabbing a beer "so what's your name, stranger?" he said sitting down again and continuing to eat

All david got out of her was a feral growl. However, on the buzz saw that sat on the table, Baby Tooth was scratched into it. standing up, she walked over to the water dispenser and ripped the massive 20 gallon jug off the top of it. All the meanwhile, David got a view of her perfect, perfectly visible ass, thanks to her spandex suit, with "Bite me" written across it.

She walked back over, sat down and began to chug the water, getting a surprising amount of it down before continuing to eat the deer.

David got up and grabs some more toast, sits back down he started to write out a sentence midair smirking while he did it "love to but i'm a little busy eating right now" it said, "might need to do some training you two" he said to Garrus and Fate then finishes his beer

When David had addressed both Fate and Garrus at once, Fate took the opportunity to look away from the remarkably disturbing scene created by Baby Tooth in front of her and get a better look at Garrus instead. What she saw there didn't seem a whole lot better, since magic was one thing, but creatures that look that different and are still fully sentient were something completely outside her sphere. "So what are you called?" she asked, meaning his species just as much as his name.

Selena Joined the other as did Icarus he was wearing a clean set of clothes identical though he hadn't put on his cloak yet, his hair was a mess, Selena was in her floating chair, a white egg shaped spherical chair that was hollowed out there was nothing holding the chair up no legs it simply floated the chair moved fluidly and hovered roughly 2 feet off the ground.

She saw the strange girl in spandex eating the deer meat and chugging back water
"My my who's this?" she asked she approached the table She saw David fate and Garrus
"I think I could help you guys train, I was watching the fight with Raditz, so I got a good idea how these Saiyans fight." she saw fate and Smiled
"Hi there I'm Selena, your another magic user like me aren't you?"

In the void

Somber looked at the girl, she had to be joking
"Are you really that foolish girl? A second demon lord in the void? You are just a foolish girl, a demon lord could never be slain by the likes of you and eve if you had there's not a single Demon Lord in the void, I want to know where that demon lord is."
she felt the presence of something powerful being this close it was freezing cold her breath was mist goose bumps appeared on her skin.
"You try my patience tell me who this other demon lord is-" he stopped he could read her and he soon found he had a few answers
"Your brother, yes..... that's why your so angry your brother he betrayed you, and he is a demon lord but." he laughed harshly
"Girl what does your brother look alike when he turns, does he look like me?"

"Heh... Arrogance is your downfall." she said, then her eye began to bleed. "Amaterasu." she said, setting the Demon lord onfire with the inextinguishable black flames of amaterasu. "Let's find out if i can kill one or not. If you run i'll spread word that the big bad demon lord of the void was a pussy and ran from a little girl." she said as hate coursed through every vein in her body.

King Somber laughed again
"An eternity of burning that is certainly a painful fate to be had." the smoke cleared a bit revealing Somber was behind her
"Shame you hit the wrong target" he laughed cruelly he grabbed her by the hair and delivered a punch to her lower back the impact was like being hit with a sledgehammer, he had a tight grip on her as he hammered punch after punch she screamed in pain with each blow hating him hating her brother she was going to kill them both she couldn't really tell one from the other.
"It's been a long time since I had anyone this fun to play with most break way to easily, I like you I think I'll keep you after I'm done." he the grabbed her by the back of her neck and slammed her into the ground, repeating the process as Athenus found his strength was mush greater then she expected.
She managed to get a single strike at the side of his neck she took that opening to get up Somber lunged forward and attempted to garb her neck and possibly choke her, he instead grabbed the front of her shirt as he pulled forward there was a slight ripping sound, she was held close to this vile demon lord, he smiled showing long black fangs.
"Not running away already? I was just getting warmed up." he pulled her very close a long black tongue slithered out of his mouth and licked some of her blood off of her face
"An angel delicious" he laughed and thick smoke billowed around him he let go and was concealed in the smoke.

"no... no... NOOO GET OFF OF ME!" she screamed at him, then she was dropped. "get away... get.. the... bugs.. off of me..." she said paranoid. Trying to regain her composure, she focused and saw directly through the smoke. He was like a fucking ball of light moving around in the smoke to her mangekyou sharingan.

Pain of new levels surged through her, as if every cell in her body was burning. Around her formed a solid black ribcage, made completely out of chakra; defending her. Her desire to punch him in the face took over as a massive black skeletal arm formed and Athenus charged towards somber, the punch which he clearly was not expecting connected with his jaw and sent him flying out of the smoke. Athenus followed suit and was staring at him, her body protected by a defense of her susanoo's ribcage.

He go up and rushed to punch her. His punch was stopped by her susanoo's arm, catching it.

"I am going to break you." she said staring at him.
"like a kit-kat bar."

"What?" he said before she crushed his wrist. he was then punched in the gut back across the island they had landed on.

"So then Your stronger than you seem eh girl? perhaps I should stop holding back so much.
Athenus was taken aback
"Your lying if you had more power you would have used it."
"Demons lords are more cunning than you think we can hide our power, your brother has a great advantage being able to hide as if he were a human no a half angel none would suspect what great power he is hiding, just as your poor little mind is so delusional you can't understand your brother's power, or mine."
He laughed he didn't just fade from smoke he physically became it making him impossible to touch. She could feel his power rising though, it was growing exponentially.
Something pure black struck at her, it moved so fast she couldn't dodge the blow shook the rib cage she could see visible cracks, but whatever had struck her disappeared. Somber had was indistinguishable from his smoke only coming out briefly to strike then disappear again.
something sharp stuck cutting a deep gash in her leg she heard his cruel laughter the cut felt like it had been stabbed with ice cold as the void itself, and the feeling was slowly spreading up her leg.

Rising Dawn
Selena was in the captains quarters, she knew Icarus would be training for a long time meaning she had time to find what she was looking for, she eventually found it, the scroll with the spell to the void, she then focused on it and her crystal ball, it wouldn't be easy but if she focused on a mental image of Athenus she could communicate with her.

Athenus forced herself to keep fighting on She kept her susanoo's ribcage up as a defence, meanwhile she began to do handsigns. "Katon: Gokakyou no Jutsu!" she shouted and spun in a circle, forcing back somber with a ring of fire. Using this time, her right eye began to bleed again. This was because she had applied Amaterasu to the ribcage surrounding her. Anything that would touh it, or try to go through the cracks would be burtn and lit onfire by the amaterasu, buying her a bit of time.

King somber reconstituted into a human form he was laughing, cruelly.
"My my I haven't had this much fun in centuries. You have a few tricks up your sleeve, but I've had enough games for now. I'll be back, you can have a few moments of freedom, consider it a gift because soon you will be mine."
He licked his lips he then turned into black smoke and scattered dissipating into the air.

Athenus was left alone but she heard a voice it was familiar
"Hello are you there Athenus? Oh please I hope your alright, It's Selena."
It was the witch
"I can't hear you please respond."

"Oh great.. it's you... if you're here to try and apologize, then just get me the fuck out of here before i die." she said.

"What? How?" the witch replied.

"What you were aiming to turn Icarus into, i just met. I'm still alive because i'm a badass. but I WILL DIE if i go up against it a second time. Just get my damn brother to get me out of here, before it comes back. I've had enough of this shit and we can talk about your repentance for ruining TWO lives when i get back." she said, her wounds and strain clearly visible as the ribcage around her faded.

Selena felt hurt she didn't want Athenus to suffer but Athenus had something viscous to her.
"But If I bring you back you'll try to kill me, Icarus old me you wouldn't be happy until I die. and I don't know If I can tamper with his spell to get you out immediately It'll take some time to figure out how to open a portal to the void not to mention ensuring you can't force me into the void."
She was worried, she wouldn't mind bringing Athenus back but she had to be sure Athenus was back to her normal self not the delusional shadow that Icarus feared.
"Your oarents could send you back though I think if I try I can do something that'll let them know where you are and they'll send you back once your....better."

Athenus didn't have time for this shit. "LISTEN TO ME YOU WITCH, DO YOU WANT ICARUS TO DIE OR BE POSESSED BY A DEMON LORD NEITHER YOU NOR I CAN CONTROL?" She prettymuch screamed at the witch. Then she restrained herself. "Listen, if you don't get me out of here, that demon will come and use me to get to Icarus. Then It's over for us all. You have two options here, get me out of here and we migh have a chance at living. Or leave me in here and we all die." She said to the witch rather sternly. "I prefer the one where we don't all die."

Selena was worried that Athenus was still insane.
"Ok I think I can get you out but, your going to have to agree to let me put you under a spell otherwise there's no way I can get you out."
"Just get me out of here already."
"alright be careful I don't if this'll work."
casting a spell though scrying was possible but only very powerful magic user could do it, She focused everything she had into the spell hitting Athenus Athenus suddenly felt an odd feeling in her skin as if something was filling her with energy. suddenly her fingers tingled and she realized she was being surrounded by pink mist, but her fingers were aslo turning into mist then her hands, and it was racing up her arms.
Athenus let out a scream as she found herself disappearing.

Selena guessed sh had removed Athenus from the void which meant she had moments before her essence reappeared.
She cast a spell on the floor a special binding circle, soon the pink mist was appearing within the circle it began to solidify, Athenus was standing near her, sensing her essence the spell circle activated, before Athenus even knew what was happening a black collar held by a solid black stone in the shape of a heart acting as a brooch.
"Welcome back Athenus, She said she was tired from the scry casting.
"Before you get any ideas that brooch is what keeps you from leaving the void it thus you need to wear it else your going back where you came from, what's more, if I die the brooch disappears and your sealed back inside the void, I can also force you back at any time. So I wouldn't try killing me if I were you, might cause some problems."
She was tired from using a lot of her magic to get her here, as well as creating a binding item.
"SO uh are you back to normal?"

"No.. infact, quite the oposite..." she said looking around. "Roughly a week had passed since i entered the void, in the void's timeline..." she said then shivered. "the amount of beings i killed... i... i've gone so mad i'm actually at point of insanity, that i seem completely sane, i don't feel mad... i guess it just broke..." she said then pulle the scyth off of her back. "And i killed the grim reaper." This is his." she said calmly observing the scythe spinning in her hands.

"I still want to kill you, i feel the hate reverberating in my bones and my blood boiling at your appearance, but i just don't care anymore. Now where's my brother?" she asked.

Selena had backed away in her chair distancing herself from Athenus. she was shaking in fear, this girl, she was insane.
"Your not Athenus your not his sister your some sort of monster. Your brother has cried every night since you first turned on him, your going to kill him I know you will." tears were streaming down her eyes
"I just wanted someone to understand me, I was always so alone, I couldn't live anywhere fro long everyone has always treated me so badly I couldn't help myself when I saw him, he was so kind so gentle." she was crying now trying to wipe away her tears, she feared Athenus would kill everyone.

"Oh no, i'm Athenus. All of me. I'm just the athenus that you created. I'm the monster that you originally wanted control of. Icarus may have been your old target, but i'm here and i'm under your control now." she said, flashing the broach at Selena.
Athenus kneeled down infront of slena, bring her eye level to the other girl. Grabbing her chin and making selena look into her sharingan, she cast a genjutsu on her and showed her the fight that had just happened.

"That's what you wanted to turn him into. He would have killed you the second that he got his power and decided you were no longer of use. But i'm Icarus's sister and your monster. I'm not going to kill you, or anyone that isn't a threat to my existence. But if you really want to repent for your actions, you can let me kill you. I'll get you a nice place in heaven and even visitation rights with my brother." she said then stood up and walked away, leaning on the door.

"If you truly wanna clear your name, you'll do the same as you did to others. You'll let me take your life, quick easy and painless, in exchange for the two lives you've ruined so far. Seems reasonable and fair, right?"

Selena was crying still
"I never wanted him to kill I swear I was told a long time ago, when I was very young, If I met a demon lord I would have a chance to change the-"
She stopped Icarus had entered the captains cabin he was a little out of breath from his trining.
Selena what are you-
ATHENUS, What are you doing here? you've been gone a wee but according to mom and dad they are still looking for you?" he then made a connection of Selena crying and Athenus being nearby
"What did you do Athenus? You better have a good reason for upsetting Selena after it's your fault she can no longer walk."
His tone was firm he wasn't sure exactly what state Athenus was in He did know she was insane, he wanted moe than anything to have his sister back, but it wouldn't be any good if she was crazier than baby teeth who at least perceived reality as it was.

Athenus shrugged. "Explaining things the way they are." She said then sat on the edge of the bed. "I met a demon lord in there, an Selena here pulled me out after explaining that it was going to go after me, then you. I'm barly alive right now. Though... i never considered if i could die since i killed the grim reaper..." she said and gestured to the scythe on her back.

"But anyway, i was only able to survive because i was pulled out and awoke yet another feature of these eyes. Your girlfriend here has control over whether my ass gets sent back to the void or not. I was just explaining that it only seemed fair and was the only way to repent for ruining two lives is by giving her own for them." Athenus said rather relaxed.
"And Selena, how did you expect to change the world with a demon lord? he'd either summon armies to kill for him, or do it himself. You'd have shed blood in the end either way." she said, inferencing what the end of her sentence would have been.

Garrus continued eating his food, and watched the new girl, Baby Tooth? , he saw was etched on the sword. "Well at least you eat your food at the table, some races don't even have those manners."

So what are you called?

Garrus turned his head towards Fate, "I'm a Turian, born on our home planet of Palaven. We have metal-like skin and can only eat dextro-amino acid based foods, unless of course you like seeing people that are as 'sick as dogs' as humans put.If you want me to go into any more detail, then let me know, but I figured that answers your question."

Garrus finished off his breakfast, dumped the trash and came back to the table.
might need to do some training you two

"Considering I'm done eating breakfast, some training sounds like a good idea. I wonder if this place has a gun range I can practice my accuracy at. Oh, and David, me and you will need to have a sparring match together some time."

Icarus glared at Athenus
"I see and yet you don't have to face any punishment for your actions like causing her to be crippled for life? or how about how badly you've hurt me? Selena has been nothing except helpful to us prepare for the Saiyans, we've all gotten stronger and it's only been a week, If she truly helps us defeat the Saiyans she'll be forgiven for anything she has done to me, and need I remind you that I am the one she attempted to turn.
Now then You met a real demon lord? maybe now you understand the difference between me and the real thing, I can clearly see your mind is still a mess. It's not Selena's fault it's yours so stop guilt tripping."
He glared at his sister, if she was truly afraid of this Demon Lord in the void maybe that would get her to listen to reason, it was harsh but then Athenus was not herself.
"As for the idea of the Demon lord, we don't know what that means what we do know is this I am a demon lord, even if I seal the blood away that's what I am currently I'm using the power o prepare myself for the Saiyans, but I'm keeping the dark side their cruel nature under check. Perhaps I'm the demon lord she is supposed to meet, we don't know what it fully means by changing the world or changing her life, what I do know is that we have other things to worry about and that Selena has done everything she can to earn forgiveness for any harm she may have caused.
One more thing Selena and I aren't together, I haven't had time between training worrying about you and-" he shuddered
"The new girl"

Fate nodded at Garrus' explanation, admitting that her own story would probably sound just as strange to him. She decided to leave the room in order to avoid contact with Baby Tooth, and found a room that was closed off, but some voices were coming out of it. She couldn't make anything out clearly until she slid the door open slightly. Icarus' voice met her first: "I haven't had time between training, worrying about you and...the new girl."

Perhaps her timing wasn't that good after all. Then again, Athenus, and to a lesser extent Selena, already knew her. "I'm sorry to interrupt," she started. She looked between Icarus and Athenus and continued, "You two are family, right? Families aren't supposed to fight like this." From what little I understand about family. "I can tell there's something between you two. But you shouldn't let it get to you like this."

Athenus just stared at Icarus. "My... fault?" she said, turning her head to the side. It took her a minute to review everything. since selena showed up. That's when Athenus began to tear up. She ran and dashed into the bathroom, locking the door behind herself. crying could be heard from the other side of the doorway.

Fate watched Athenus leave in tears, and wondered why she'd stepped in. "I'm sorry," she told Icarus. "It wasn't my place to say anything." She decided to return to her room to avoid the awkward situations that had arisen everywhere else.

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