Nice Guys Come in Last

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I can respect that Activision is making fat stacks of cash. That said, I'm equally certain that I can be wildly annoyed that it's at the expense of anything new or exciting that can be crushed along the way. Activision has essentially taken over the position that EA held in my heart a few years back with one notable exception. While activision is running about decapitating anything that gets in their way and pumping out sequel after uninspired sequel (and I have nothing against sequels if you've got something new to show me), at the very least no one has stood up and decried their treatment of their skin-and-bone assets. That sort of sordid behavior is the very reason why for nearly three years I didn't actually pay retail for an EA game and instead waited until I could find a used copy if I desperatly needed to play one of the thousand games they were going to release in a year.

Then EA seems to have turned a corner and tried reforming their ways. They still produce uninspired sequels and decapitate people but they sprinkle in at least a bit of risky endeavor and publich smoozing. Now Activision is the company I can misdirect my geek rage into consumer activism at. It's a shame seeing how they either produced or published some of my favorite games of all time.

Activision are not really evil but they do not appear to deserve much good will. I now associate their brand name with creative bankruptcy and opportunistic price hiking.



I'm kind of annoyed because I had this concersation earilier and I don't want to type it again, but I'll be civil.

You could've saved yourself the civility and the repetition had you noted that half of my response to you was a sarcastic reversal of the way you had implied that the people who think the point isn't to get as many kills as possible are the wrong ones. It can just as easily be portrayed in the opposite light, which is what I did, the point being that it is a matter of perspective. I also don't recall using the word "wrong" in association with what Activision is doing, so I am completely oblivious to why you felt the need to explain to my why it isn't wrong. If you mistook my use of the term "griefing" as analogous to "wrong-doing", then I apologize. I may not like Activision for their behavior, but I certainly am not proclaiming it to be "wrong" in any universal manner.

Are you under some sort of impression that any and all times where someone quotes you, their intent is to contradict you 100%? Geez...

NO I'm under the impression that I shouldn't be typing that many words and hoping for coherrence at two in the morning. I just kind of read the words and then started typing, so I apopllogize for the misunderstanding.

Perhaps it's successful now... Just wait until the bubble bursts. :)

Kotick is a shrewd businessman. Unfortunately, to make a business successful you first have to embrace and understand it, which are two things he hasn't really proven to do at all. While his business model is simply perfect for manufactured products like hardware and appliances, games are a different classification of product entirely befitting films, literature, music and art.

Unfortunately all the aforementioned things have been subjected to Kotickism* in one way or another with such gems including Reality Television, Moeblob anime series, Wolverine Publicity, rehashing/retcons of established franchises, Modern Art and more. Eugh, modern art.

*Inb4 anyone else coins the term.

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