Unforgotten Realms: Episode 42: Birthday Beatdowns

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Pretty funny, especially when you were punching the wall haha!

It seems that people either love this episode or hate it. I thought it was okay at first. Seeing later that it was actually posted on his birthday and got this much discussion I think its a pretty solid addition. Looking forward to the next episode.

im normly on you side when you take ages to update stop at relay annoying spots the pot that goes nowhere fast extra BUT THAT WAS SUCH A DICK MOVE

Best episode ever!

anything not related to that damn harry potter arc is good stuff

lol tf2

Haha, I had a good laugh of this episode. Though the FPS bit was a touch long, I think it will be pretty sweet to have Timmy playing with them.

Happy birfday!

Haha, my favourite part of this thread is where people get REALLY cross about how long the TF2 bit is, when they could've clearly just clicked off the video or skipped ahead.

Classy move Rob, you show those fans who's boss.

Can't wait for the next one. By the way Rob, Whast kind of cake did you get?

if you didn't want to make an unforgotten realms episode for this week because it was your birthday, then fine.

I just don't see the point in putting this instead

He broke the commandments of the flag!
He will be thrown into the rumble pits and forsaken!

I just have to remind people that this is a free service and hence we are NOT the boss of the author. Meaning he can and should do whatever the hell he damn likes with his own shorts! If he wants to put TF2 clips into the short instead of focusing on the story line then by all means, he should feel free to do so. If you don't like it you can go sit in a virtual corner and whine.

But spawn camping... cheap, so very cheap.

Happy Belated Birthday Rob! XD sorry I didn't get the chance to watch it until now.

Did you beat your record? You never told us. :O

I have mixed feelings about this episode. Glad that the stale Hogwats story arc didn't last too long this episode (and all that was shown was actually funny :P), but at the same time hated that the actual UR part of the show wasn't that long. The TF2 montage was pretty funny at times but felt like a roller coaster ride: going from funny to boring for lasting too long then back to funny again, and I'll admit by the end I was still laughing so that's good (Back in the house! XD). Never actually played TF2 myself so *shrug*. Overall, I say the episode was ok. There's been far worse episodes at least :S

And belated birthday Rob!

wow dude ur better than me(besides the camping and shi.t) but yeah ur really good at tf2

to be completly honest...

shittest episode ever i mean like wtf does tf2 have 2 do with unforgotten realms o n happy birthday douchebag

thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my life mother fucker

That was the best Heavy playing I have ever seen actually. I love being pyro.

You can hear traces of Rob's voice from the old flash vids while he plays TF2

Oh sweet Gods, what madness is this! Timmy the Good is now the deference against the dark arts teacher!?!


Considering it seemed more like a TF2 montage than an unforgotten realms episode, I must say I enjoyed it... anyways... Gotta get back in the house. =P

Great episode, I think I saw you in TF2.

Back in the house, Back in the house...


i actually quite liked that episode. you may not have made it solely unforgotten realms, but you made the team fortress 2 clips quite funny with the voice-over.

also, timmy is playing now... interesting.



I know the whole edgy, "screw the fans," biting the hand that feeds bit might not get old for you, but it's really predictable, and boring.

If you ever followed Rob back when UR realms was in the 'original series' and he had his side projects that dabbled into WoW Machinima (Jimmy, Time Gnomes) you'd understand where he's coming from. He almost got completely burnt out to the point the internet almost lost him. So let him bite the hand that feeds, the hand is retarded anyways.

I did watch it back in its original, poorly designed form. It had a different sort of charm. Never saw the Machinima, though.
He can bite the hand all he wants, but I know there is a hilarious guy in there that is funnier than shouting in character voices to TF2.

At first I was like, "Hey cool, I love TF2!" But then nothing else happened.

OMG what's your Steam ID? Or was it Xbox? Uh if it's Xbox never mind. :) Great Episode though

wow you rule at Team Fortress 2 dude

i finally finished catching up from ep.1 when this came out, i love it

shiittteest eppisode ever wtf does tf2 have to do with it fkn waste of life u retard o and happy birthday douchebag

Ugh. If I wanted to see TF2... I would just play it, you know. Without people shouting "punching the wall, punching the wall". I skipped the whole gameplay part ;d

Usually I prefer not to comment in these things, but today I'll make an exception to say this:

Don't worry, Rob, I symphasize with you. I mean, if all your fans, which I do not count myself among, knew how hard it was to have to do something they enjoy for money they would quickly learn to stop whining about your slipping work, how dare they expect you to take all the effort to type out a message saying you'll be taking a break to freshen your ideas or escape your scheduele for a week or so when a man as busy as you are must have other things to do, like playing Team Fortress 2 while yelling nonsensically into a microphone.

I'm sure if any of your fans read this, they'll feel ashamed for taking up your time with constant demands for quality.

what game was that?

Nice heavy skills :D

... and DID you beat the record?

awesome the only thing that could make it better is seeing mike get set on fire.

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