Rebecca Mayes Muses: Mass Effect 2

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Calm, soothing and mesmerizing.

Song is nice but make the words serious

You could be big making songs for the emo genre or whatever this brand of music is, your very talented.
Although it does just confirm my thought about this type of music, you can be singing about anything, even a big bunch of nothing, and a lot of people will think it is so deep and meaningful.
Think about a fan of this kind of music listening to this song without knowing what is behind it, they would think you are pining for some long lost love or some other cliche crap.
Hope you succeed and all, Im just saying...

I'll make a song from this post of mine!

You could be big...
whatever this brand... is....
although it does confirm my thoughts...
a big bunch of nothing...
so deep, and meaningful...
think about this...knowing what is behind it...
pining for some cliche...
hope you succeed...ill make this mine

now put that to some slow guitar and have rebecca sing it and you have a hit song for whatever genre you call this!

lmao, that was fun

I don't get it.
What's the point of this?

Beautiful song; lovely, ethereal voice. I really enjoy your work.

You got to love the talent of this girl


I thought tht was really another really good song =]

<3 Nice!

This one's my favourite so far.

Haunting, beautiful, it relates so perfectly to Rebecca's mission statement, which is to make a song inspired by a game: not a review of, or an ad or a soundtrack for the game (which already has it's trailers, soundtracks and so on) but something where the really enchanting thing is how differnet the inspiration is from that which emerges from it: it's the dim echo of a message from one aesthetic universe rendered unrecognisable in another very different one (the wry, clever, bittersweet, amusing world of these videos.) Brilliant.

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me that she's lamenting the whole point of the game that the female character is powerless, sexually exploited, the shadow mechanics don't work, just like the weapons, and the AI is crap. And the whole thing is derivative.


Though great tune by the way.

Probably my favorite of all your work I've seen. I particularly liked the night shots. They expressed some of the themes I think get overlooked in the ME games: space is big and dark, you are only one tiny life/light there, and your actions, ultimately, may not mean a thing. Would your give up your life for a cause that may not even matter?

Well that was a nice song, the trash bag space suit design though is not going to catch on.

Honestly, what's the point of these songs? They all seem to be just... stereotypical love / carebear songs that contain gaming *references* in them - note, not actual full references that make sense but merely the mention of certain characters or themes. Jesus, it's like watching the "Superhero Movie" but in audio form and co-written by Avril Lavign.

Sorry, but it just feels so generic and forced, as well as having the quality of a Youtube video... Oh, and the singing? ... Banal and average, really. Do you get paid? Because... that'll make me really sad.

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