The Escapist Presents: Preview: Xbox Dashboard Update 2010

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This looks to be quite the exciting update
Thanks Susan! really informative

I like the look, but won't be able to use any of the cool features 'cos I'm in the UK. At least, I know for sure we don't get Netflix. I'm assuming the ESPN and Zune Music things won't work here either - they don't sell Zune music players here, so it'd be a bit redundant to give us access to their music store, etc.

ESPN will be awesome... although the way my rig is set up I can actually watch TV while talking to people on Xbox Live, so if I get NHL Center Ice... the ESPN thing will be unnecessary.

John Funk has a lovely voice.

Interesting. The credits say the piece was narrated by John Funk. Hey...has anyone ever seen John Funk & Susan Arendt in the same room at the same time...? O.o

Also--I had no idea Susan Arendt was a fellow Whovian! Awesome! :D

I actually really like the current Dashboard design. The way the icons go off into the distance make it easy to see almost everything at once, instead of this two or three at a time we get with this update.

It's all so very white.

Still wish they'd make Last.Fm background play compatible, I might use it more often than simply background noise when I'm ironing.

it looks pretty awful and ive never been into gimmicky garbage so there is nothing i like about this

"Narrated By John Funk"
And then I burst out laughing. Thanks for that, as unintended as it probably was.

It looks good, I'm glad they didn't change the look of the avatars.

I swear they did... I'm sure my avatar looks taller and just a little bit differently proportioned. Not a radical change, but just enough that it's making me go "I swear it's different. Did they actually change it or am I going nuts?"

Hmm....the side to side looks retarded. It was way better "fading into the background". This is a step backwards....not forwards. It would be smart of Microsoft to actually let us CHOOSE what direction we want the panels to go instead.

I like it better this new way. It's so much easier to keep that boring IGN drone's canned smile off my screen this way, as you can only show about 3 panels on screen at once. Before, because she was always on the right side of the panel, that stupid canned smile would always be back there, staring into my soul...

Anyway, is the update different for game news organizations or something? Mine has this whole blurb in there about how I'm not supposed to show screenshots, videos, or even talk about the update on forums, blogs, etc... And yeah I just did, I figure everyone else is so why the hell not? :p

It's all so very white.

Just wait until you push the guide button. They did not push the guide button in this video, but when you do... Holy crap, it's a flood of white. It actually startled me the first time I brought up a larger guide window panel (like if you hit the guide button when it says "achievement unlocked" and it takes you directly to the list of that game's achievements). Holy crap man, so much white. It's not supposed to be that bright aaagh!

Holy hell with the painful-to-watch Slim Jim ads. I'm sorry, has this become a Saturday morning cartoon site?

Ick...I like it better when the icons fade into the background. Now it looks so bland.

Oooh, I love the ESPN feature. More baseball to watch. Yay.

Yes, way to go Microsoft, update and make stuff better that I can't get on my xbox.

This makes me a sad panda...or random bear....ah wahtever:P


I'm sure the new update would be REALLY EXCITING if I lived in a place that Microsoft cared about. ? -Nope cannot get

Espn? - Nope cannot get it

Netflix? -Nope cannot get it

Zune? get it with like 3 movies to chose from

Chunky avatar menus? I guess that's all I'll get out of this update, guess mainland Europe just isn't a marked microsoft cares all that much about.

Daystar Clarion:
I can't be the only person who never uses any the stuff like zune etc. I have a TV, why would I need that stuff?

You're not. My 360 gets used for gaming. Oh, and hooray for 'making it easier to use' for Kinect. Sod that. Much preferred what I've got now, but at least I've got time before the dreaded 'If you don't update, you can f### off' message box of doom appears on-screen.

Nice informative video though, I just wish the MS update system wasn't so draconian. that's what I have been missing out on. No Netflix for me, but the rest seem equally uninteresting.

Ok so I live in the Netherlands and what does this give me? We have no Netflix,no Last.FM, surely not that sports channel, so what do we get? Especially since we pay 60 euros (81 dollars!!!) I really am getting a bit enough of this. I really enjoy playing on my 360 and all, but having to pay more money so that Americans can get more does start to annoy me more and more.

Eh, I dislike the new look and all non-cosmetic bits are for things I've never used and aren't interested in anyway. Seems it'll be like a downgrade for me personally, but congrats to everyone who's benefiting I suppose.

i better still be able to use premium themes or i will be pissed off...

Egads! The new avatars are hideous!

Was a dashboard update really necessary? Doesn't the current one function just fine? I certainly don't want (or need) any of that Kinect stuff on my Xbox -- I'm not buying one.

I swear they've gone back to a previous model for the dashboard design. Usually interface updates are accompanied by actual service improvements, not just a (frankly horrible) cosmetic change. I appreciate there were some improvements to some individual services, but not anything that shouldn't have been there in the first place. ESPN is a nice addition, but there's nothing here for people who, you know, play games...

Seems to me that Microsoft are just chasing around after the other platforms. First they wanted to seem fun and family friendly by stealing the Wii/Mii model, and now they're going all cold and clinical to seem like a professional home entertainment service, which stinks of Sony. With such a distinct and massive community around the 360, where the game part of the console has always taken precedent, you'd think all of this design-by-committee competitor cloning would be completely unnecessary and they could forge ahead in their own direction. But what should I expect? Every new Windows iteration is just an exercise in spectacularly failing to emulate Apple.

Is this where my extra £10 for an annual gold membership is going? Sigh. Steam made a totally awesome update to their interface and it cost me nothing. In fact, they celebrated by making everything ridiculously cheap. And launching Mac compatibility.

Kinect friendly!, Zune!, ESPN!, improved Netflix!,

All the things I'll never use in one convenient package that I still have to pay for, just because I want to play games online on my GAMES CONSOLE!

Interesting. The credits say the piece was narrated by John Funk. Hey...has anyone ever seen John Funk & Susan Arendt in the same room at the same time...? O.o

Also--I had no idea Susan Arendt was a fellow Whovian! Awesome! :D

I have a TARDIS clock on my desk at work and a UNIT cap on my Sackboy. I've been watching the Doc since I was about 10 and can still recite pretty much the entire Tom Baker collection from memory. Yeah, I'm pretty stupid about Dr. Who. :)

I prefer the current Dashboard, the way the menu items go into the background give it more of a sense of depth, rather than just going side to side.

I prefer the PS3's XMB to the new update. They're not too far off though.

Susan Arendt:
Preview: Xbox Dashboard Update 2010

Susan Arendt previews the next update for the Xbox Live Dashboard.

Watch Video

I think this is the ESPN ISP list:

A lot of this (ESPN) makes me wonder how it serves me better than just, say, turning off the 360 and turning on ESPN.

Why it took them so long to implement an alphabetical search feature into Netflix is beyond me.

Also, typo in the credits. It said it was written and narrated by John Funk. Not sure if he wrote it, but I'm pretty sure he didn't narrate :P

Maybe he does very good impressions.

Looks good just wish they got rid of the avatars.

I don't think it looks all that bad, maybe make the avatars grittier, more realistic and let them hold little guns - that'd be grand. :)

But most of those services I don't get - I don't get things like ESPN or Netflix and Zune's movie selection isn't exactly great. Though Last FM is pretty good - it seems to spot all the obscurish bands I like.

Though it really does seem like American users are really getting an awful lot of interesting new stuff out of this new upgrade while leaving us Europeans with only a cosmetic upgrade.

Can't we at least poach Tina and have her do our Nexus / SentUAmessage thing rather than the emo haired guys - at least that's a cosmetic upgrade. *grins cheekily*

I actually liked it when the squares faded into the back; It made it easier to see all of the options you could choose. Also, did anyone notice how much of a doctor who fangirl she is?


Susan Arendt:
Preview: Xbox Dashboard Update 2010

Susan Arendt previews the next update for the Xbox Live Dashboard.

Watch Video

I think this is the ESPN ISP list:

Hey, cool, thanks for posting that!

Susan Arendt:
Preview: Xbox Dashboard Update 2010

Susan Arendt previews the next update for the Xbox Live Dashboard.

Watch Video

As useful as this was, would there be any way to have people like the resident Canuck or members from other regions to write small followups, even just on here as a heads up for what the non-US regions get screwed out of?

Wha!? Merle Dandridge?
Apparantly not, but I love your voice, Ms Arendt. Anyway.
Good to see that...uhm... some things... have changed? I actually miss the old, old dashboard- it wasn't quite as pretty, but it had a good, solid feel to it. Clean, simple, kinda like one of those library views that Steam has now.
Still, I don't despise progress, even if it is slight and un-related to gaming.
I mean, it's a gaming console, and the best changes are to do with movies? Well, OK Microsoft

Wow, they improved all the useless (or useful if you're into that kinda stuff) features and services that Xbox Live Supports while making way for Kinect, another useless gimmick (again, you may be into this sorta stuff, but I'm not) plus I think I prefer the look of the old dashboard.

Damn, I'm quite pessimistic tonight, eh?

Susan Arendt:

ESPN? Completely free. Well, you have to have an Xbox Live Gold account, but other than that? Free.

ESPN is a Disney owned network. I can tell you Disney doesn't offer anything for free or cheap. I'm willing to bet that the major reason XBL Gold now costs $10 more per year is because of Disney has been in major pissing contest mode with several pay tv providers lately because of them wanting fee increases. I have Dish Network and they no longer have several Disney owned networks in HD now because of this. And ESPN placed radio ads telling people to switch from Brighthouse to other providers because ESPN might end up off of Brighthouse because of a negotiation impasse.

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