The Big Picture: Oscars: The Grouse

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EDIT and to add insult to injury they only picked Nine films for best Picture as if there were not any other good films this year, cretins the bloody lot of them...

Just all part of the fun of modern Hollywood. They cry and wring their hands because the box office was down again last year but then they turn around and only nominate nine films because apparently they couldn't name ten films worth the title of best picture. Ah Hollywood, you got to love a place that doesn't get the irony of their situation.


No wonder Albert Brooks was ticked he didnt get a nomination in a category that included Jonah Hill, Christ!

I will say that Jonah Hill is almost completely unrecognizable in Moneyball, mostly because the role was actually serious and he didn't do his normal semi-improv style because they had an Aaron Sorkin script to work with. He's admitted that he did this movie a lot differently because the script was so good that there was no reason to depart from it.

Long story short, he's not really recognizable as Jonah Hill in that movie.

Oh certainly, its Jonah HIll's best performance to date and Moneyballs a fine film, I just didnt consider it Oscar worthy. He's perfectly fine but considering some of the performances that were snubbed it just seems odd that his first legitimate role gets an Oscar Nom straight out of the gate.

Although The Oscars love baseball and boxing films, most likely because the voters are all fans of said sports

I don't have a problem with you telling me to stick around and watch, as long as you cover new ground. I think you've said everything in this episode before.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Does not deserv it nomination at all! It have a rotten status on Rotten Tomeatos as of this moment and it scream OSCAR BAIT all over it.

Easily the most WTF?!?! nomination of this year.

Fascist wannabes! The oscars wouldn't even exist if it weren't for Mussolini.

The Marx Brothers reference made my day. Thanks, Bob.

Out of time...
This sends me into an unbridled rage which the only those fans of the hulk can imagine on the grandest of scales. Why per say do those few lines send me into said rage? Because this is the internet, were never out of time nor out of content, I am sick and tired of all of the best of the internet doing it's very best to turning to the past which I came to the internet to escape, for those of you wondering what past I am writing about, it's TV. We were "out of time for this hour" and will "just cut to another ad break". In fact it is becoming worse than TV what show could only have five minutes of air time before ads start rolling out and what show wouldn't show you any content until you watch an ad?

I don't come to the escapist with an exact five minute stop watch and look at 30 seconds over and say pfft way over I am going to have trim another activity! This comment just enraged me so much not because it is impossible to wait but because of the ludicrous idea of time restraints on internet shows. I understand Podcasts wanting to not go over the hour mark for people wanting to put it on CD's or some other device with a limit but come on five more minutes is out of the question? It's the big picture not the chunky easily divided compartmentalized picture. Be grandiose! Be epic! But out of time...
There is nothing big about that.

One week, one theater, just in LA, by the 31st...Thats it?! Holy cripes I didnt know it was that f-ed! That answers alot of questions.

However this years crop seems to be better than previous. War Horse, MoneyBall, Hugo(Havent seen it yet, maybe eventually but its not exactly my cup of tea, Ill take Bob's word for it though), and Midnight in Paris which was absolutly brilliant In everyway. Saw it recently after Escape to the Movies ep"Best of 2011" and I was completly blown away. Smart, witty, thought provoking, all the while keeping you rolling. I may have actually watch Woddy Allen movies now 0_0. Not mention the best(as well as his smartest, and wisest) performance of Owen Wilson's career! If "Midnight" doesnt walk away with an armload of awards, they need their heads examined.

The Artsist...I could give a crap about, looks lazy and boring from the trailers, only heard about it last week, I was wondering how it slid in their till this ep. Now if you'll excuse me I'll be busy watching all the actualy good movies that came out this month till Oscar goes bye-bye.

I like The Artist, it was a great change from the norm

I think you're confusing the Oscars with the People's Choice Awards. The Oscars are for the industry, by the industry. Nominees are voted on by their peers. If you want to watch it, that's fine, but it's not trying to tell which movies to watch, it's saying which movies that other film makers admired most and judged as better by their peers. Don't say the award ceremony is broken just because (a) film fans put so much weight on who gets what when it's a really just an overblown industry event (b) you're still judging the art of film through adolescent eyes.

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