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This made my day!

Congratulations on making 200! Looking forward to some more socially challenging strips ;)

"Revisited?" How come I've never seen it? I'm slipping up. Welp, it's new to me and I laughed so... "lolol, awesome XD"

Anyway happy 200th, though I fear for your following after the debacle that was last comic. 307 comments. Heh, heh, I was too afraid to even scroll down to the Facebook section after reading it.

Congrats, guys. This is my favorite webcomic on the web. Here's to 200 more.

That's not fair. I'm 24 and still can't grow a half-decent beard. Guess I'll just have to play Army of Two, then...

this pretty much sums up this me playing me playing this with my actual brother.

found it... kinda... this is at least where it should be but the image does not load for me :(

The little guy looks like mordecai from Borderlands.

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