Feed Dump: Libyan Cinnabon

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Wasn't "Adjustable Jaunt" a cover band for One Republic that failed miserably?

I'm not surprised a Cinnabon arrived before McDonalds in Syria. I've seen them drink a lot of coffee of various types in the Middle Eastern countries, so they probably wanted something to go with it.

CAPTCHA: end of the world

No...a Cinnabon in Syria is NOT the end of the world. Chik-Fil-A on the other hand... (Yes, I went there.)

Syria, huh? Even though the name of the episode is Libyan Cinnabon? You're going with Syria?


*stands up at a podium* Hi...my name is Anthony, and I need new glasses...

I had my first Cinnabon in Qatar :D Tho there are none in Australia :( At least not the parts I've been to.

Lost it at "adjustable jaunt."
Absolutely perfect delivery.
That shit was art.

Don Reba:

Tally LRR:

Don Reba:
Wow, I found the one thing Tally is not extremely good at - Spanish.

On the other hand, at least you could tell what language I was /attempting/. (Yeah yeah, that was just from the context, shhhh!) :)

It was a good attempt. It is just that "yo quiero Taco Bell" is not a question; it means "I love Taco Bell." Also, there is a distinction between "quiero" and "quiera". The former is the verb "want/love" in first-person present tense, and the latter in third-person. :)

Oh. Well that IS certainly a pretty big fail, then. >_< Having not seen those commercials for over a decade, I had recalled that the dog was asking where to find a Taco Bell in them. Apparently not so much. And yeah, I certainly don't know how to conjugate Spanish verbs. :)

1. Good to see Tally
2. what is a cinnabon?

Can someone please turn those few seconds that Graham is nodding saying "Good, good" to Paul and Tally right aqt the end into a gif?

I'd love to know how no one stole anything from that yard sale.

Engage maximum jaunt.

Adjustable jaunt, you say?

So that's how the Third Street Saints can maintain that level of jaunt while being extremely physically active.

The Gentleman:
Clearly they have never actually come into contact with a Chihuahua. Those little rats are vicious and violent on their own. Being mauled alive by a pack of them is in my Top 10 of all time fears.

Clearly you have never come into contact with a normal one. I might apply your logic to everything. I met a nasty person from America the other day, they weren't very bright. All Americans must be stupid and cruel.

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