Remember Me Review - Sadly Forgettable

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You know, I kinda wonder if they had trouble getting a publisher because the game wasn't very good, and then blamed it upon the female lead.

Although, perhaps, I'm just cynical.

Hmm, if the story is sound, then I still might throw this one a look. What sounds like a real shame is only having 2 kinds of enemies to fight across the entire game and only clocking at around 8 hours...

I'll still get it when it gets a price drop though. If it shows potential, it shouldn't go to waste. =)

Captcha: Double Jump

Yeah, that might have been what was missing in this game.

Every time I see the title Remember Me, this is the only thing that comes to mind...

And I hope this clip gets stuck in your head just as it did with me. X3

The Lunatic:
You know, I kinda wonder if they had trouble getting a publisher because the game wasn't very good, and then blamed it upon the female lead.

Although, perhaps, I'm just cynical.

I would believe it, they knew the gameplay videos would reveal how dull the game was, so they played up the "OMG our struggle!" aspect of it to get as many lil social crusader kiddies to preorder as possible.

After Colonial Marines lieing to players right up to release... It is entirely possible.

I really really hope this doesn't make some dumbass publisher think "People didn't like it because the main character is a woman". Fuck I pray that doesn't happen.

I'm actually really enjoying the game. The controls are clunky and could use some tightening, but they're not *bad*, just a bit rough. The story is really good, and the platforming's fun. Good buy.

I will probably still pick it up, but wait for the price to drop a little on steam first. I use a review as a guild but won't make a purchasing judgement by 1 person's opinion alone. If the game was getting universally panned like Aliens CM was that's one thing but it has been getting scores in the 6.5-7.5 range mostly.

And really using the games length as a negative when there are games out there that are half as long and shorter is kinda weak. I don't count a multiplayer feature as game length because not everyone plays it.
8 hours is middle of the road length (Metal Gear Rising's was 5-8 depending on how good you are at it).

Edit: I'd like to add that new IPs are few and far in between these days, this one seems to have promise and I hope capcom doesn't ditch it for another bad RE or Street fighter rehash.

Well, I had planned on getting it on sale from the start, and this review actually made me more excited for it. I'm not huge on exploration for exploration's sake, and I don't think the fact that you can make an overpowered combo to be much of an issue (you can simply elect to not use the combo if it is too OP and makes the game lose all challenge). My main interest in games stem from one of two sources, it either needs to have a good story, or good gameplay. This one seems like it will have a decent story, and the only real complaints I've heard about the gameplay is that it gets stale (and the controls not being very tight).

I will reserve judgement until I've played it for myself since I tend to have different tastes in video games than most reviewers do.

Anyone else thinking that the average gameplay was a concession the developers had to make in order to keep a female protagonist? Seriously, if the publisher was that hell-bent on having their ways, there's no way there wasn't some sort of foul compromise.

Publisher: "okay, keep your girl with the cooties but then you have to make her Batman"
Developer: "Pardon me?"
P: "You know, make her Batman, that Arkham guy, piff, pow, knuckles to the face"
D: "but... we have a protagonist that is master in fucking with people's heads. Sure, she can defend herself very well but she doesn't have to."
P: "But test groups have shown that people loved Batman Arkham thing so you are going to make it."
D: "ugh, FINE, anyways about the exploration..."
P: "What exploration? We don't need no exploration."
D: "But... our protagonist can literally get into people's heads. Imagine the possiblities. World-building by reading passersby, side-quests in the fantastic dystopia that is neo Paris, murder mysteries where no one can be to sure what is true and what is not, trying to solve them..."
P: "Fuck that, Uncharted platforming is popular so you gonna make that shit tight and linear."
D: "but... but..." (and by then the eyes glazed over and he gave in to despair)

It is an awesome premise and it would've benefitted from ripping off Prototype rather than the other games. Open-world, exploration and a lot less combat would've made this a truly unique game. As it is right now, it's a pretentious dystopian novel which tries to push its values onto the reader rather than let them actually live and explore the ideas and deal with the consequences. Such a shame.

I thought it looked kinda meh. Shame, barely any games out there with a playable female protag. We could use a killer app for that. This'll just convince more people that games sell poorly with female main characters. As supposed to the game, you know, just sucking.

There are plenty of games with female protagonists. Tomb Raider sold quite well too.

After actually playing it, I like it. It is trying new things, the story is actually engaging and the boss fights are a decent challenge.

Not GOTY contender, but defiantly an honorable mention.

With a title like that, the memory-based puns just write themselves!

It's funny how badly Capcom tries to emulate the success and style of western games, yet the few times they do release more Capcom arcade style games, it's what the company is really good at. (as long as they don't overly exploit their fanbase... which they sort of do alot.) Japanese development is in a worrisome state as of late, with gameplay and storyline being severely behind the curve for the most part. (doesn't apply to all games, I really like Dark Souls for instance.)

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