Unforgotten Realms: Episode One: The Remaking of Heroes

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The UR Drunk Game: From now on in this series, every time you see a monacle, you must take a shot. Some episodes may require keeping a medic on hand.

I am loving this idea :)

this series cracks me up!

for the ppl who dont like i have to ask (just out of curiosity) have u ever played games like baldurs gate or neverwinter nights? if u havnt i cud kinda understand why u wudnt find it funny, some of the jokes r a tad esoteric. if u have tho and still didnt like it fair enough! it just reminded me of baldurs gate so much i actually went and bought another copy of that game becoz i havnt played it in so long lol.

LOL, I just watched the original here: http://www.urealms.com/flash/epi1.html

<3 The old school sound effects. Especially the Double Dragon punch sound on EP2. :D

The grandma is awesome!


nice series;P i jsut started watching episode 2^^ this is real funn^^

the first Unforgotten Realms
begin of all the epicniss :D

I don't like it as much as other stuff on the escapist, I'll try to get into it, but so far it hasn't got a huge amount of very good okes. And yes, the voices WILL drive me into a killing spree, even though they are a bit quiet

19+4 that means i scoooore

also it sounds like he rushed it his voice sounded really fast he acted like he did not wanna remake the episode he talked to f4st m4n 17 w45 50 h4rd 70 und3r 574nd 7h3m!

SHMOOPY FTW 133720r2!

THIRD. Congrats Rob. Wow, I didn't know you could download from here, nice one.

You can download from here, what? You can download Urealms now?

<3 unforgotten realms :D

*Sigh* Remenessing... Wins again...

Episode One: The Remaking of Heroes

The epic tale of Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon, the dual nunchuk-wielding sorcerer and Eluamous Nailo, Master Wizard in training (AKA Rob and Mike) and their animated adventures in the Unforgotten Realms (AKA, Mike's homebrew role playing game).

Watch Video

Check this out, look what they did to your show :)

Ah, it feels good to watch this again.
Remember kids: If someone calls you an asshole, it means that you are dualwielding nunchuck Abraham Lincoln. Be proud of it.

your fans are still out there! we miss your show! we will never forget the best show to come to the escapist!

Rewatching. Nostalgia'ing hard.

Interesting. I'll be watching the entire series. And reading the comments.

It's like a trip back through time.

Copper Zen:
Interesting. I'll be watching the entire series. And reading the comments.

It's like a trip back through time.

Im doing the exact same thing as we speak and im loving it

Aww man, the show that brought me to The Escapist all those years ago. I wonder what's happened to it since?

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