Zero Punctuation: Alone in the Dark

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your reviews always put a smile on my face Yahtzee, keep up the great work.

Simply hilarious. The only time I'm glad shitty games exist is when Yahtzee is reviewing them.

About the end of the video, where he addresses "People who complained about Holocaust jokes...", I would like to ask, Who the hell complained about the Holocaust jokes? There is so much more offensive context than that, and if you're going to complain, complain about something more meaningful. Look at all the Jew/Black/gay/blonde/etc jokes on the internet, and this is pretty tame.

1. Terry and Gonad are hilarious.
2. I laughed when New Yorkers throw out abnormally large amounts of nitroglycerin.
3. I am disappointed by the advertising, and the lack of ironic music.
4. While some people don't really find it amusing, it just adds to the atmosphere of the review - an informal, sarcastic, brutal, down-to-earth, no holds barred, opinion. This new introduction sort of removes some of the reason why I watched the videos, by becoming more formal and formulaic. Additionally, all the music you played were good or at least not bad enough to get my knickers in a twist.

Re: the music- well, it wasn't as jarring this time since I expected it, and again it's not really bad. It's sort of unmemorable, still needs a hook if that can be done at all, but it's adequate.

I like the new music, for some bizarre reason

Fantasic review and yeah i didnt get the whole let's screw this chapater and go to the next one it sort of ruins the game play alot. I did love playing with the fire physices and it was a wow moment playing with it but playing the game took me back to playing things like Dragons lair just way to many places to die instally and once you know about it it's just out the window.

Great review keep them coming and making wednesday more like the friday of the week ^^

First Zero Punctuation review in a while I've agreed with pretty much across the board. Lots of good ideas, none of which are ever given the attention they deserve. The controls are awful. I was honestly fighting them until my patience ran out and I stopped playing. Swing right analog this way to draw back chair, swing it the other way to hit something with it - only half the time it doesn't swing the way you want it to, and if it does, it's too slow to do you any good. If they'd only tightened the whole thing up, given it a few months more in development, it might have been worthwhile, if not great. The game's TV-serial aspirations could have been interesting if the writing, pacing and acting weren't terrible. They could have gone the H.P. Lovecraft route, as the original game did, but I suppose at this point Atari must realize they'll never beat Eternal Darkness on that count.

I never get that little sequence with Yahtzee at the end of this reviews when he does all those hand motions and the captions pop up. Seriously, what is that? I don't care if it's advertising in an odd way; it's demeaning and just disrespectful to someone of Yahtzee's intelligence.

Terry and Gonad are geniuses

That was quite brilliant. Now, go play EVE (tis awesome!)

Good review, still don't like the opening music. It's shit, get back to your old ways, you look too commercialized now.


(Indiana Jones 1 - 3 = Yahtzee of old) = FTW
(Indiana Jones 4 = Yahtzee of new) = Crap

that was probly one of the best ive seen recently, good to see yatzee back on form after some pretty unfunny ones

It felt a pit short than the other review and lacked that some thing that the other have. But all in all it was intertaining.

As for what he said beign true? Well i really didnt want to play the game in the first place so i wouldnt know.

I have to agree with Yahtzee again in this hilarious review. I was forced to buy alone in the Dark for my Xbox 360 premium set along with GTA 4 as Cod 4 and the other game was sold out. Half an hour of trying it and i was already bored out of my mind, it was so uninspired and dreary I just gave up. I am going to take it back to my local GAME and cash it in for Mass Effect.

yahtzee get rid of the opening and ending, its way better when you can find songs half relevant to the game you're reviewing its like 30% of what I look forward to in the reviews.

PLEASE BASH NINJA GAIDEN 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...and awesome vid keep rocking

Your a champion for all gamers everywhere.

Keep em comin.

I like the music too. very edgy and badass.

Wow, Tycho from penny-arcade said the same thing as yahtzee about what he thought of the game. I enjoyed this one more than the last few.

These silent-movie segments are really weird.

I was split over weather to buy this or not. It certainly sounds like more than your run of the mill game and I was hoping the devs ambitious style would help me overcome the fact that it's broken. Once again, Yahtzee has shown me the truth and saved my pocket money for another day!

First let me just say that I really like zero punctuation. Yahtzee is incredibly entertaining, and aside from his disdain for western rpgs I find myself agree with him on almost every review. That being said, I do find the inconsistencies that at starting to crop up bothersome. For example, in this review he complains about the inventory being too small. However, in an earlier review (I believe it was the Drakes Island whatever one) he objected to the fact that the main character seemed to have a jacket that could hold "8 plasma TVs" (I think that was the phrase Yahtzee used). Also, in the bioshock review he talked about how unrealistic it was that everything froze and patiently waited for you to finish hacking, and how that detracted from gameplay, but here Yahtzee says its bad that the game doesn't pause when you make equipment. I'm not one of those guys who notes every consistency error in a movie, but it strikes me that a reviewer ought to have a static notion of what makes a game good.

Also, the new into is fine, but please go back to using music that fits the game (or your review).

I completely agree. In this case though, the way the game pulls of the stuff, it end ups being frustrating and cheap.

I mean, he want to be immersed into the game, but not have the immersion contribute to frustration. At least, that's the impression i get from him.

Nice to see he's funnier than last time. Keep this up Yahtzee.

lol! that was a great review, you just made yourself another fan

I suddenly had an idea...
Terry: Hey isn't the Intro awesome with this funny Music in the beginning.
Gonad: Yeah, lets make an epic opening with guitars an stuff...

No real, I like this new opening.

Has the music grown on me yet, you ask?!

No! It hasn't, give it time, I'm sure I'll tolerate it soon!

I have to say the I wasn't keen on the last review, but this one was a return to form. Funny and mixed with valid points. Top marks to Yahtzee.
And was the end sequence edited by Yahtzee or somebody who sent it in? Whatever, it was the funniest 15 seconds ever.

PLEASE BASH NINJA GAIDEN 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...and awesome vid keep rocking

Friend, you're not taking nearly enough Ritalin.

While over all the review was the fun sarcastic rant I have come to expect from Yatzhee, it was preceded by seconds of pointless intro I will never get back. It is not as if I don't know whose producing the witty diatribe, its right there at the top of the page. It exists in the small window where it is long enough to annoy, but not long enough to make an attempt to skip over it worth while. Think of the children! Go straight for the bile.


Amusing review. That music is too bassy and loud compared to the review though.

I feel the need to pop in and say that i still don't like the intro, outro, or music for either. And, since my opinion matters to all parties involved, i can only assume there will be some kind of positive change enacted by the time the next Zero Punctuation comes out.

Or i'll get shivved in the bollocks by a hired goon. It feels like a 50/50 chance on this one.

Awwesome review yet again. Though I do have to admit that I prefered the reviews with the old intro with various music each time and no trailers for games at the end. That's usually when I move on past the video.

good review, it's really sad when a game with lots of potential gets fucked by the boss who doesn't know what he's doing and if you don't listen to him you get fired :/

also what's with all the eve ads! eve trailer after the movie, eve banners, eve-online background?!?!?! get it over with and review the game/1 shouldn't be too hard to point out all the horrible thing about it and then balance it out with all the things it does great.

personaly I play and enjoy eve but it has lots of things that can drive normal gamers nuts :P

Alright Yahtzee you sod, the music's growing on me. Happy now?

I like the way Yahtzee pronounces inventory.

He says "inventory", whereas I say "inventory".

It's neat-o.

I personally never had a problem with the music, and in fact rather like it. Ian Dorsch did a fine job, and it stands to reason that when one gets as big and noticeable as Yahtzee has in past days, it becomes inconvenient to be violating two copyrights every Wednesday. So if anybody has been giving either Yahtzee or Ian grief for it, they need to get over themselves.

In any case, very enjoyable review, as always. Always makes Wednesday a good day.

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