Movie Defense Force: Batman & Robin

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I agree Jim after the straight faced Nolan movies I am ready for another energetic neon lit Batman movie. Not exactly campy but something a little more aesthetically interesting and exciting and a little less brooding. So pretty much Batman Forever.

Jim, love you man, great arguments. I still hate this movie. I know what it was going for. I knew it when i was a kid. I hated it then, I hate it now. I did not have fun during this movie. That's an unforgivable sin in a Batman movie, IMO. Great, coherent arguments man. I can see what you mean. I just don't agree. Thanks!

If it's all the same can't we just get Warner Brothers to retire Batman on a high note, and make Adam Warren's Empowered into a movie instead?

It's pretty much superior to any campy, comical version of Batman that has ever been created in the entire history of the extended Batman franchise.

This movie needed defending?

*runs away giggling*

Can't get on board with the it's-just-like-Adam-West-era-Batman defence, because...well, because it ain't. I find the '66 Batman movie to be a joyful, silly, ingenious and sometimes downright surreal film. Can't say the same about Schumacher's Batman movies, I just find them irritating. Perhaps the level of ire reserved for Batman and Robin in particular is a bit absurd - there are far worse movies out there, some of which even have Batman in them - but sheer audacity and a cast who seem to be having fun do not, in themselves, make for a fun watch.

I loved this film as a kid. We had it on VHS, and I watched it a million times. Between this and Batman the animated series, I figured that these campy batman movies were exactly what Batman was about. It was about a big, rich, serious guy beating up on a series of silly supervillans. To be honest, I really don't like the grimdark Batman stuff, because then nobody's any fun. Batman's never going to crack a smile, if the villains don't bring some life to the party, nothing interesting is ever going to happen.

This is why I fall asleep during the DC movies, and I'm losing my mind with excitement during any given Marvel film. It's not about the heroes, or Marvel vs. DC itself, it's about the way that these movies approach the source material. When I go to see a super hero movie, with the exception of something like Kickass, I want to see all the crazy stuff they do in the comics translated into moving pictures. I want to see Bane punch holes in solid concrete, I want to see Doctor Octopus running around with giant ridiculous robo-tentacles, and then I want to watch the hero swoop in and beat the hell out of them. As long as I'm getting lasers and one-liners, I could give a damn about how tough it is to pay your bills as a superhero in today's economy.

Good on you, Jim. Shout from the rooftops about your love for the campy batman films, I'm right behind you.

When I saw this movie in the theater it infuriated me. I was MAD, in retrospect it was amazing that the movie managed to provoke so much antipathy, it was (bizarrely) an unforgettable experience to me. About 10 minutes into this movie I simultaneously wanted to kill the movie and/or die. I couldn't believe that they did it.

I'd thought that Batman Forever was a throw back the camp levels of the 60's Party Batman and too much for me by the end of the movie. B&R shoot right past Camp-Man and into Three Stooges territory. It was a gaudy parody of Batman. It was a horrible movie that killed the franchise for years.

When I was watching Jim's defense of this movie I kept thinking: is there a movie you won't defend? I don't care to revisit this movie and took at it though different perspective, I don't have enough time to watch all of the movies that I'd like to see. They should destroy the originals and put a bounty on all remaining copies. GRRRRR.

Mr. freeze has been the start of this movie and the movie is worth watching for Arnold alone. everything else is just a bonus content.

Knight Anon:
They should destroy the originals and put a bounty on all remaining copies. GRRRRR.

We should also burn all the bibles while were at it. Also ban rock music and seize anyone who does not delete all shooters. Because after all if i dont like it we should just destroy it.

Allow me to break the ice. My name is Freeze. Learn it well. For it's the chilling sound of your doom.

The only thing I liked about this movie was Arnold. He knows how to ham up anything and still make it enjoyable. To me that is his #1 defining quality as an actor.

I don't think that's intentional. He's just a bad actor, the hamminess is not a conscious choice - it's just who he is.

I'm sorry. I just can't go with you on this one.

In retrospect I don't think any of the Burton or Schumacher Batman movies really aged well but in terms of a good mix between Grimdark comic book Batman and goofy Superfriends Batman I think Batman Forever hit a good balance. Batman & Robin just took off running and never came back.

It's weird because I like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat precisely because they're campy send-ups of their respective material, but I have nothing good to say about B&R.

If I had to venture a guess it's the fact that there's a notable difference between playful lampshading and contemptuous disregard and I think B&R falls squarely in the latter.
(See also: Virtually every adaptation Tim Burton gets his grotty mitts on.)

Why I disliked the movie? George Clooney. I don't like him, and even through I love the Oceans movies, I just couldn't get past him in this role... Arnold was the ONLY good thing about the movie but after watching years of the Batman Animated Series, this was a slap in the face.

(although, Arnie wasnt overacting, he was just firing everything he had, you could say this movie has one of his most expressive performances ever LOL)

God I forgot they had Bane wear a trench coat as a "disguise". I may need to rewatch this movie. Although I may enlist the help of my good friend Alcohol.

Trenchcoat Bane looks awesome. Other than that the movie still sucks balls.

I don't think the real problem is people not wanting a campy movie: they don't want a campy movie in the same continuity as a more serious work. It's the same problem people had with Superman 3 (since, even though it was Richard Lester's slapstick genius "unleashed", it was STILL a sequel to Richard Donner's "Superman"), and the 1998 "Godzilla" (which was outright loathed until the creators confirmed the monsters wasn't THE Godzilla, but just "Zilla") - "Batman and Robin" would've worked fine if it was declared a spin-off or parody of Tim Burton's "Batman", or even as a straight movie adaptation of the Adam West TV show. It's just that fans couldn't accept it being part in the same universe as the nigh-legendary Tim Burton "Batman".

So if you are trying to get a friend to watch "Batman and Robin", just tell them that it isn't a sequel to Tim Burton's "Batman" (or if they know that it is, tell them they shouldn't ACT like it's a sequel, and take the film on it's own campy merit), then you'll be in for a fun movie night experience.

And if they STILL think it's bad in spite of what you told them, punish them by showing a genuinely godawful movie like "Howard the Duck" or "Garbage Pail Kids".

Watch Batman Forever, that was all those things you mentioned
And it was good.
Batman&Robin(&Batgirl- seriously why everyone forgets her?) was plain BAD
It was unfunny, it was seizure inducing, it was inconsistent, it was awful

And those batnipples, the batnipples, man. Batgoddamnmotherfuckingnipples!!!
Usually you have a valid point Jim, but not this time.

You need to do Prometheus, Jim. It's begging for some defending even though some people already got to it. But so had Mortal Komabat when you tackled it.

Hey Jim why don't you defend Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music; I loved this defense and I think you've leveled up and evoluved into Ultimate-Jim Sterling Movie Defender the last evolution of the Jim Sterling Movie Defender pokemon. So use your mega evolution and defend Metal Machine Music!

Ya know, it really isn't the camp in this movie that I hate. I don't really like it. But I can understand a certain fun romp and some over the top bits. It's the godawful dialogue. Every time I see Clooney and O'Donnel on screen speaking to each other I want to punch something. It's just grating. Not to mention Alicia Silverstone. Schwartznegger and Uma Thurmon are actively trying to chew the scenery. Everyone else is just unknowingly awful.

Finlay someone else that don't thin this is the worst movie ever maid. it is not good, but not THAT bad.

Mr. Q:

Red X:
Am I the only person that went "Oh Gawd! XD" we they saw this was posted?

You're not alone, my friend. Dear lord, this movie.... hurts on so many levels.

Same here, and yet he somehow DID IT. And he's right, it is a right bit of camp and should be appreciated as such.

Andre Nilsson:
Finlay someone else that don't thin this is the worst movie ever maid. it is not good, but not THAT bad.

I'm now imagining Arnold in a french maids outfit... bollocks.

I like to imagine this movie as a musical:

I am not joking when I say I prefer this to TDKR and MOS, neither of which are defensible. BnR is FUNNY on so many levels, you can stick it on and find something new that's wrong with it every time.

This movie is to geeks what the rocky horror picture show is to charted accountants.

I like to imagine this movie as a musical:

Holy shit. That's so wrong it wraps around to right again. How the hell have I never heard this before?

Jim is way to good at these videos. If he can defend Monkeybone I will call him master.

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