Doomsday Arcade: Episode Five

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what a useless security measure

He'll never clear that slight obstacle

is that an erection

lol way too many more great one liners in a single episode this show is so win

I really enjoyed it, excellent work. The special effects were done well. So far, most episodes have exceeded my expectations, continue to keep it up!

god let him have pants for the next episode...

Can't wait for more!

This is great

My new favorite show! Keep it up =D

Haha, great episode guys. The best part by far was the end, the stories on these are fantastic. Keep 'em coming!

Eh, not as much as the last couple. Loved the whole FPS bit, but was kinda dissapointed cuz I thought it was gonna be the heavy chasing them.

Just confirming if that was suppose to be Issac from dead space?


That was so Hi-fucking-larious! I laughed so hard that my face hurt! The flashlight part, so damn true... the first person freaking awesome... the trash was so random, I almost felt off my chair laughing!

Still my favorite series on this website! The others are no match! Best realization, best jokes and best ideas! Tolally awesome!


EDIT: After watching it for the fifth time, I though, what was the building you were in? Weird aquariums and stuff... Just wondering! :P

...the blue key....ROFL @ the voice.

Just confirming if that was suppose to be Issac from dead space?

I thought the same thing at first. It' supposed to be the "Doom Guy" from Doom.



why were there urinals in the womens toilets?

Was surprised how quick he was able to take off the underpants and toss them in the enemies face X-D

Wow, the escapist sure knows talent when they see it. Great series guys, keep up the good work.

OK, enough with the cheap puns, we get it already! Roald Dahl, very funny. He wrote a book called The BFG, Doom has a gun called the BFG. Stop writing this shit in!

(...can't believe this hadn't been posted.)

In all seriousness, this episode was harder for me to understand the speech than previous ones for some reason (English is my second language). So, um, whatever you did different with the audio, er, don't do it any more?

michael...this series is the tits...better than yahtzee's stuff and definately my fav web series right lazy arse even went to the trouble of registering just to say so



who was the dude in the helmet? i didn't get that


I have to admit I didn't know which game this episode was parodying. When I saw the UAC sign I recognised it but couldn't quite put my finger on it.

where they come face-to-face with certain Doom.

I had figured it out by the time they were in the toilet. I'm not that out of touch with gaming history. ;)

I just watched it again; I love the part where they're looking for a secret door. It pretty much sums up playing Doom when you're looking for secrets.

Its a slight obstacle!
i want macmillan, soap etc. to come in!

The "Big Friendly Giant" could kick the "Big F***ing Guns" butt any day. Espically because of the fact that Roald Dahl died before Doom was even made.

Did anyone else's sound sort of... go fuzzy from the blue door opening onwards? I could still make out what they were saying.

Very funny episode and I'm cringing whenever someone is asking what the game that they were parodying was, and that guy wasn't Isaac it was the DooM Guy!

The pressing space against a wall sums up DooM pretty well. Thanks for making me laugh guys!

pretty good i thought. is turning in to quite a good show. thought it was abit cheesey at first though

I noticed the urinals as well, what was that about

loved the ep

guys great episode. its a shame people don't get half the jokes, which may harm the series if you have to dumb it down. but please don't as its a great and clever series.

Melbourne boys represent.

Mr. Blond:
michael...this series is the tits...better than yahtzee's stuff and definately my fav web series right lazy arse even went to the trouble of registering just to say so


This vid was absolutely great, made me laugh really hard.

Brilliant work, guys! Especially loved the more subtle references to Doom, like Using every section of wall. Ha!

Excellent as ever boys. Nice works.

Wow, the whole bumping into walls to check for secret doors really brought back memories. Excellent stuff.

Lol'd at Commander Keen. Keep 'em coming!

My mom used to play doom and let me watch when I was younger. Nice job putting the secret wall finding in from the original :D

Anyone else notice that one of em gets a hair cut between episodes? ^_^

Great episode, good work guys. The first four episodes was very creative and well written, but it felt like you didn't make the acting work completely. Not this one. Far the best one yet. Keep it up!

Awesome stuff, though it's slightly dipping into the "so stupid, it's funny" territory.

On the other hand, it's still FUNNY, so you've got to hand it to these guys. :-)

why were there urinals in the womens toilets?

Because girls do it, too, apparently...

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