Cinema Screens Paranormal Activity 4 Instead of Madagascar 3

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The amount of stuff like this I keep hearing about paranormal activity 4 keeps making me think it's just a bloody marketing campaign.

On the list of things that I consider "scarring children for life", a scary movie is wayyy down there. I'd worry about some of the commercials I see on TV, or the violence in schools, before I'd worry about an accidental screening of two minutes of a scary movie.

Even kids shouldn't be scared of those movies.

Paranormal Activity is as scary as The Exorcist?
The Paranormal Activity series is just a jump-scare marathon which is about as subtle with it's demonic encounters as the original Doom games but without any of the fun of chainsaws, the BFG-9000 and a rocking soundtrack. It's hardly entering "scarring for life" territory! It's not scary it's just vaguely startling because unexpected loud noises appear at random.

It's less effective at scaring people than this:

Grey - I'm guessing you can't say the movie sucks yourself so you add this shiny little addition "poorly-received horror film".

I applaud you and your article. Very nice.

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