How to Get Your War Z Refund From Steam

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Valve isn't my favorite and Steam has pissed me off more than once in the past but at least they're fixing this. A shame it was allowed to happen in the first place but hopefully they'll take this backlash as a reason to get better testers/quality control.

Well this is... interesting. I was actually considering this game but after what happened I think I'm gonna wait for the DayZ standalone version. That's fucking crazy how this Titov guy pretty much lied to us and then blamed us for misreading what was clearly false advertising. I'm surprised he isn't getting his ass sued off for this, and I'm pretty sure his career and reputation are pretty much dead, and if not then I certainly won't be buying any games with his name on it.

As for Valve, while this game should have never even been listed on Steam, they are handling the situation as they should and are taking their share of responsibility for this. I suspect they will be reviewing and revising their game listing policy after this, like maybe adding some more Q&A to the listing process, or requesting an evaluation of the build that will be posted to make sure the developers are indeed including what they say they are including.

I really do think though that the people who are hating on Valve right now are just hating on them to hate on them. Say what you will about them, whether their games suck or Steam sucks, they know how to treat their fan base and clientele. Some people may have had a bad experience with them, but that happens with every company. You can't expect them to have a perfect customer relations department. I'm not a fanboy or anything but I don't think a lot of the hate Valve gets is called for. They generally treat their customers well and listen to their customers too, which can't be said about most other companies.

Have there been any other games that were removed for similar reasons? I know Crysis 2 and Dragon Age II were removed, but that was because EA are greedy, anti-competitive bastards.

The only other game I know to be missing is Prey. I was going to buy it for quite cheap in a sale some years ago. I think they ran out of game keys or something. Anyway, it was removed from the store and has never been put back. I don't even want to play it particularly (though I remember enjoying it when I did), I just want to own it because it's the one Steam sale game I missed out on...and I want what I can't have :-) I think I have it on disc somewhere also...but it's not the same :-(

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