Logitech Ditches Consoles for iPads

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While their original mice range was quite good and their racing wheel/joysticks are decent, pretty much everything else is junky and often overpriced.

Can get far better alternatives elsewhere (and I'm not talking about Razer, their only worthwhile product was the first version of the deathadder mouse)


Scars Unseen:
*shrug* I've never bought any of their console peripherals, and there's nothing they make for PC that someone else doesn't make better. I liked my wireless Trackman well enough back when I bought it, but I've moved on and haven't looked back.

you mean its not like Logitech could do not-overpriced mouses, keyboards and headsets?
or are you one of those people that buys a headset for 500 dollars and then jut throw it away in 6 months when the wire breaks, and then finds some 50 dollar one and didnt even notice a difference till he finds out the price.

I'm having difficulty finding a connection between what I said and what you said. As far as my personal equipment, I have a Ducky keyboard with Cherry MX browns. Solidly built, and far better to use than my Logitech G15 that preceded it(and the Ducky was slightly cheaper). Takes up a lot less space too(I can fit both my keyboard and trackball on my keyboard tray now)

I'm a trackball user, so when my Logitech Wireless Trackman started to die on me, I spent some extra cash(well my wife did, it was a birthday present) on a L-TracX from Clearly Superior Technologies. Adjustable cpi (up to 3200 cpi), solid as a brick, and the company is confident enough in their product to include disassembly instructions(which does not void your warranty).

And for headphones, I've never used a Logitech headset, but based on reviews, I'd be pretty confident in pitting my Beyerdynamic DT880 Premiums(bought for $225) against anything in Logitech's lineup. They are certainly leaps and bounds better than my previous Sennheiser HD280 Pros(bought for $80).

Sometimes I spend more money, and sometimes I spend less, but I always look for quality(backed by positive professional and user reviews if possible) before I spend. So I guess the answer to your second question is "no," and the answer to the first is "huh?"

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