Ubisoft is Already Itching for the PS5

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This is like those awful ads for the PlayStation 9 when the PlayStation 2 was current.

New console coming out? I can't wait for the next one.


Ubisoft is Already Itching for the PS5

The head honcho at Ubisoft doesn't want to wait another seven years.

Stupid title of an article. So I'll make my own.

"Ubisoft wants shorter console cycle"


My response to Ubisoft: Yeah whatever. Try to make Assassin's creed actually FUN if its going to be annual release.

God, I hate you people. You all talk as if the PS3 is the best place for new ideas. It isn't.

Ubisoft is right. The PS3, at the very least, can't have RTS games on it.

In the next-gen, we are going to see more games like red faction guerrilla, and From Dust. But you people can't see that, and that's so sad.

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