"You're screwed" moments

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ME3 towards the end...

HOW MANY BANSHEES??!! seriosuly how many??!

D: at least an hour of restarting that mission, pain felt.

I feel bad for this guy.
Otherwise the worst feeling ever is when you trip and are on the way to the ground.


ME3 towards the end...

HOW MANY BANSHEES??!! seriosuly how many??!

D: at least an hour of restarting that mission, pain felt.

the thing is it seems that shepard herself is thinking the exact same thing

I think she said somthing before a "wave....you can hear the "oh god WHY?!" in her voice

Ok people.....we can DO this

Being the last man standing in any multiplayer gametype..

That feeling of cold dread you get when you realise you didn't line up that jump properly, and you can only watch helplessly as Mario sails through the air and down into the bottomless pit below.

When you just scraped through a boss battle, used up all your healing items and are on your last legs, but you did it! ... And then the fight moves into stage two.

Amy. All of it.

Captcha: Mumbo Jumbo. Yeah, that about sums up Amy...

Warship gunner 2, three seperate missions, all while working back east.
1. In a recommended ship, fast and "tough" cruiser. Thirty missiles later, try mission again. Damn.
2. Using a battleship that would embarrass the US Navy in firepower. Forty CLUSTER missiles later, retry three times. Finally change tactics and just sqeak by, maybe. Jesus, this one sucked.
3. The final mission is bad, but if you play through again there's a nasty surprise. The true final boss. Two words, uberweapon Ragnarok. A ship that LOOKS alien, and fires black instant death spheres of energy. My god, I had to change EVERYTHING I though I knew.

Kingdom Hearts 2, Xaldin and Final Xemnas.
Xaldin fight-I thank Christ that Square Enix decided that changing into forms restored health. I think this fight is broken, but I really couldn't figure out the best way to beat him.
Xemnas final battle- actually the final phase of the final battle. Take a guess? Yep, the laser beam hell. I had maybe 20 HP, then that came. I thought the reaction command would help, and it did....for three shots despite me spamming the damned thing.

Walking around in the dark with only matches to light my way and suddenly...

"It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue."

Also in X-COM whenever you send a guy to scout forward ahead just a bit. They get shot at but survive. Only, you have them turn to look at who shot and they can't see them so you have them move forward till they can at which point you realise they don't have enough time units to actually shoot. Or get away.
Happens all the goddamn time and it really sucks.

It depends how many times it happens. Usually I seek cover and go down fighting. The best part is when you see what IS an impossible conflict heading towards you and some how at the end of it all you come out on top.

Video games are meant to be challenging, but not impossible, so when something like that happens where it wasn't intended for you to survive based on your current level, weapon, armor, etc it just makes you feel all kinds of good.

When you're playing Space marine and you find yourself in the path of a Chaos Dreadnought.

'I'm not going to be able to hide from this one.'

Binding of Issac, i had 1 heart and fighting 'a Boss' and i didn't think i would survive but then

i died

Me and my friend got into a D1 kick "Lets install this old game and beat it two players!".
Aside from the lack of 'conveniences' that D2 has the general hardcoreness of D1 (we found out the hard way that D1 had friendly fire - something we both seem to have forgotten).
Strapping for potions, items and magic, in all of the cathedral, before we turn every corner it was a "Oh shit, can we survive this next fight?" but we managed to endure to the catacombs.

Where we descended the stony steps, seeing nothing but darkness ahead and feeling confident we strode forward. Out from the shadows charged at least thirty plus goatmen in their stun-locking glory. Prior, I was being pretty conservative with my lighting spell since I would accidentally hit my melee friend but seeing all them goatmen surround my hapless companion, I said to my self "Ha, your screwed" and lite that dank dungeon up so fast and hard.

I did get a fancy ear though.

World of Warcraft. Just stepped in to fight Onyxia for the first time. Second we all get in. Insta kill 14 of us. Those 14 happen to be 99% of our healers.

It was a massacre.

The Wykydtron:
League of Legends, late game. Everything seems to be going well, oh looks like a team fight is just starti-


Well, gg guys. You have an entire minute to push the weakest lane with your whole team. See ya later fuckers!

Maybe it's just the Solo Unranked-ness talking but why is every enemy Yi a complete boss yet our Yi is just complete fail all the way through the game?

I know that feeling all too well.
So I am seconding... wait three pages of replies...
I am twentying this one.

Left 4 Dead. On the rooftop of No Mercy, waiting for the helicopter, things are going pretty good, using the defensive weapons at a nice, even interval. A tank zombie shows up, I dispatch it with my machine gun. Literally two seconds later another tank shows up, you have got to be kidding me! My team starts to go down, one after the other. I look around and see another tank. I get up onto a high point and can see at least two additional tanks, four tanks, wtf! I start blowing up propane tanks and setting the lower areas of the roof on fire with gas cans, just gotta keep moving, the chopper is almost here.

By now I've lost count of how many tank zombies are on the roof, my whole team is down and I have literally nothing in the way of weapons, health or pickup items, it's just my pistol. As I run to where the chopper will show up, a tank finally runs me off the roof, the camera pulls out to show the rooftop as the chopper arrives, there are about thirty tanks on the roof. Not sure if the AI director is actually allowed to do this or this was some insane glitch.

Sean Hollyman:
Being the last man standing in any multiplayer gametype..

It's even worse in a game type where there isn't supposed to be a last man standing.


The beginning of ME2. I mean, you die... I actually said, "Well... I'm boned" when Shep got spaced. Then I got mad, really really mad.

mad because you thourght there was sotmhing you were suposed to do to NOT die..that you missed

or mad because you actually thourght they had killed off the main charachter and were going to give you another player charachter

Mass Effect 2....play as intrepid war Correspndant Diana/Daniel Allers!

Option #2 nailed it. I thought they were "discontinuing" my Shep's story. I worked hard to role play that character dag on it!


Option #2 nailed it. I thought they were "discontinuing" my Shep's story. I worked hard to role play that character dag on it!

HAHAHA...especially funny if you spent hours upon hours crafting the perfect face

but seriously they would have never done that...if they did it would have been a bold move, but I mean shepards the face of the series...

I think playing as war correspondant Allers would be cool! provided she leanrs to emote

Battlefield 3 on the console gets especially hectic when their's enough tanks for the entire enemy team to jump on.

There's not much else that's disheartening as seeing 3 tanks approaching you from all different angles.

Got a bunch of those moments.
WoT: Scouting in an A-20, run head first into 3 T-50-2's.
Dota: Troll Warlord in front, Slardar on my back, mirana's arrow coming from left and doombringer jumping out of wood on right. I still wonder how the hell they skipped by 3 wards unnoticed.
Starfarer: Capture a capital shit with a lone frigate, you're now chased by 12 pirate fleets that can steamroll you like nobody's business.

HAHAHA...especially funny if you spent hours upon hours crafting the perfect face

but seriously they would have never done that...if they did it would have been a bold move, but I mean shepards the face of the series...

I think playing as war correspondant Allers would be cool! provided she leanrs to emote

I made a quick face that felt right in ME1. I did however spend some time in ME2 tweaking the face and a large chunk of time in ME3 getting the face right. Why u no work face importer?

I know Shep is the face of the series, but it was my first ME2 play through and he died. I was hurt and confused...

And I think uncanny-valley Allers should have never happened. Perhaps we could have gotten a better ending if Bioware had not spent so much time and money (poorly) rendering Chobot into the game.

Dark Souls. Especially the early part of your first run through, when you don't know what to expect.

A few cliche skeleton soldiers? Pfft, easy. Hiyah! *Jump attack like a boss*. There, that wasn't so bad. Ha ha, the bones collapsed back into a pile. Why did everyone say this game was so hard? Wait, why are they getting back up? Why are there more of them? Ok, they're overwhelming my stamina gauge when I try to guard, this is getting kinda tricky. I think I'll just run away deeper into the cemetery and grab the loot, at least I'll get to keep that when I die. What a clever plan . . . HOLY SHIT, GIANT SKELETON!!

And then I die . . . again, and again, and again :'(

Aerosteam 1908:
You're in first place and about to win the race... then you hear that dreaded alarming noise that indicates a spiny (blue) shell is heading straight at you. When that happens, you might as well retire from the race because you're pretty much in last place for the rest of the race.

Great JPG and yeah i'm totally with ya their.

I was playing Resident Evil 2 I had no herbs, a pistol with 2 rounds, and a hallway full of zombies beyond the room I was trapped in. Plus I hadn't saved in about an hour. I miss good old survival horror... :(

So far, every minute of Dante Must Die mode in DMC3.

Space Marine, when you're stunlocked as a Raptor/Assault Marine by a Huge Slugga Nob in Exterminatus. You can do nothing unless one of your teammates distracts it somehow. Also when the Orks' Deff Dreads come out, accompanied by 'Ard Boyz and Scarboyz to drag you out of cover and you only have a chainsword, bolt pistol, and grenades. And Loyalist/Traitor Astartes running around with thunder hammers. If anyone knows how to deal with these guys (effectively) as a Raptor/Assault, I'd love to hear tips, lol.

However, I have survived situations where I thought I'd be screwed. I've been surrounded by lots of dudes in Seize Ground who somehow didn't quite manage to kill me. They, of course, ended up dead for their troubles.

I was replaying Metal Gear Solid 3 once when I noticed I forgot to pick up the heat-vision goggles, and I was at the Fear boss-fight. I still managed to win, though. Quicker than on my first time, actually. I guess I'm just more awesome now.

Pretty much every single time I get spotted in Amnesia, especially when I'm hiding in a one door room and the monster decides to see whats behind a certain door in the hallway...

I've never fought a weapon before.

I start a battle with Ruby Weapon.

The ass handing begins.

Counter Strike Source on cs_office. 4 teammates and I manage to go into the projector Room where the hostages are, because all the terrorrists rushed the front yard. When we try to save the hostages we realise or whole team was annihilated and there were 8 of them left. They had us pinned down so we decided to go in guns blazing. I was the only one left, managed to kill the last guy with a knife while he was reloading.

It was great.

That's more of a heroic moment then a "IM FUCKED!" moment.

OT: Planetside 1.

Taking a random tower on Oshur to see if we can provoke some enemy attention. After hack we move out and wait for whatever prey comes our way to go in to retake it. 2 ppl show up, 1 rexo and 1 agile. They enter the tower where as me and my mate go in and take'em out. My friends armed with an agile suit and a jackhammer. Im combat engineer with a handful of boomers(basicly remote charges). Some more of them show up, 1 MAXunit(Basicly power armor with big guns) and with 3-4 guys in tow show up. We're both experienced players and easily whipe out the 3 REXO suit guys before fighting a retreating battle up the tower vs the MAX. Got 1 remote charge on him on each level of the tower, the dumb shit kept walking around the corners tightly and was always close enough to take the full force of each charges explosion. He could've just taken a wide birth around and bullrushed us when we had nowhere else to go. So with the REXO down we take a look outside of the tower figuring they wouldn't send much more.

As I walk out I notice that the minimap is quite filled with red blips and blops. As I look out I see 2 Reavers staring at me and my friend, several heavy tanks 100m out with advancing troops on all flanks. 2 guys vs literally dozens of players(This is a small skirmish mind you). We realised that we were quite frankly fucked. Barely made into the tower again, my friend was hit by dozens of rockets from the Reaver aircraft and was pretty dead. I flee down the stairs to see if I can bug out via the spawntubes but instead meet 6 guys in the stairs and decide to just charge them guns ablazing a few cycler rounds and shotgun shells later i'm splattered allover the stairs.

mario kart is when you can be a 1st place, and go to last because the bots got the blue shell. The biggest thing from that game is when paying slip screen with other friends, so when you are last within the groups. you have to switch with the 5th friend, and you have to wait for the match to be over.

ME3 towards the end...

HOW MANY BANSHEES??!! seriosuly how many??!

Basically. Especially when combined with the Brutes that showed up and the Reaper shooting at you while waiting for the missiles to be ready. I had to play that part a few times.

For my own: playing Age of Empires 2 when both of my AI teammates decide they don't want to be my friend anymore and sent their troops to attack at the same moment as all the rest of my enemies (in an 8 player game). I saw all of the armies marching towards my fortress and just turned the game off.

That ringing that comes up the moment you realize a Care Package in MW3 Multiplayer is actually a decoy bomb.
I hate it when that happens.

When that second Ancient Dragon showed up in Skyrim.

Alpha Maeko:
I've never fought a weapon before.

I start a battle with Ruby Weapon.

The ass handing begins.

he was easy. Of course i grinded all the way to lvl 95 and had everything but knights maxxed.
That was at 4 though.

Full health omnislash+mine=victory.

Bigger you're screwed is when emerald pops Aire Tam storm and you have 9 or more materia.

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