Dark Souls. Why should I keep playing?

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it was a simple question: is the late game content better and worth getting to?

apparently it`s too hard reading until the end of a post. excuse me for not putting it first so all you short attention span pros can read it.

again, thanks to the guys who answered on topic.

"I have a simple question for those of you who like this particular thing. I tried this thing because I heard many of you say that it was good. However, this thing is stupid!

I hear all of you saying that this thing is good for certain reasons, but it's not. It's just a waste of time!

I want to make it clear that I am perfectly capable of appreciating and/or operating this thing.

However, I am not currently able to appreciate and/or operate a specific aspect of this thing, although I am perfectly capable of doing so, I assure you.

Therefore, it is just boring and stupid and a waste of my time.

Furthermore, were I to operate or attempt to appreciate this thing in an incorrect manner, I could easily appreciate and/or operate this thing. Easily!

So, my simple question is this: Does this thing get any better, or does it remain a stupid, boring waste of my time? Please tell me. I need your help here."

If the Tarus Demon is killing you that easy, you are not using the terrain to your advantage. It is a difficult game, and one that rewards you for figuring out the terrain and weaknesses of enemies.

it was a simple question: is the late game content better and worth getting to?

I wouldn't say so, but I have shit to do so the lack of a pause menu brakes the game for me.


I want to make it clear, I`m not BAD at the game

If you cannot even kill the Taurus Demon, then you are bad at the game!

Seriously, go cry some more casual...

If you're not having fun stop playing.


sigh your friend showed you the wrong things if you really wanted to see what it was about the last fight with the lord of cinder is just a simple 1vs1 (or 2 vs 1) boss fight. if you really want to "cheat" and jump straight into the action try playing Sens fortress followed by anor londo

He didn't offer to show me Cinder, I asked him to show me Cinder since he's the last boss, and I've always believed the last boss of any game should be the most difficult boss or the longest boss. I've dealt with mid-bosses harder than Cinder.
Even still, I think my strategy of just watching and waiting for the opening and then rinsing and repeating, would work on any boss.

My point isn't that I am upset that Cinder was easy, I am upset that he was so easy to figure out how to beat and that he wasn't impossibly hard; something that this game always gets branded as.

Except that you never made it there.

If I get someone to go against Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time after an hour of gameplay, they are probably going to die a whole lot because they have no idea what to do. The fact that I was able to beat Cinder after a few hours of gameplay in the beginning stages of the game on new game++, is pretty sad.

I think his point was that this game's challenge is not about beating certain enemies or bosses. True if you're patient enough to observe enemies and play it right to exploit their weaknesses you can easily beat them- and to me that's a plus because it shows that fights in this game are intuitive. But the game's hardest part- at least the way I experienced it- is exploring and getting through the areas to checkpoints without dying. For me, boss fights per se are the rewards for overcoming and reaching the end of a certain area, not the challenge. : )

Answering OP's question: yes, the rest of the game is worth playing, but:

It gets very difficult and at a certain point you're left almost clueless about what to do.

Personally, I'm at the part where you have to get several MacGuffins and in between you're free to explore. Something people haven't spoken much about is the multiplayer, which is quite interesting at this point, but be aware that while the MP gets really fun, the single player takes a twist which you may not like (it becomes less linear).

Anyway, the greatest thing about the game is that everything, including the story, is based on its difficulty. So if you don't feel like being punished rather than challenged, this is not the game for you. Let's face it: the game is not as difficult as people seem to think, but it's rather old school trial and error. This is the core mechanic of the game which will keep constant throughout it, so it's a matter of your personal preference on this matter.

However, something interesting happened to me, because while I hate this kind of gameplay, DS somehow pulled me in. I don't know if it's the tense combat, the originality of the lore and setting, or just that I want to beat it already. Anyway, there's another thing which I liked a lot and it's that after all the highs and the lows, all those deaths feel like yours. In other words, you feel somehow attached to your character, and immersed at the same time. Not many RPG's managed to pull this off, but I think that's a great thing which every gamer should experience, whether it is playing Dark Souls or any other game.

To conclude, yes, it is a punishing game, ant it will always be. It's also gratifying, but only a specific public is likely to enjoy it. It's okay if you're not one of those, it doesn't make you a worse player or unskilled to dislike any game, and Dark Souls is no exception. This game is just not for everyone.

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