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All Amulet Locations in Lies of P

Pinocchio with his lantern in Lies of P

You’d be genuinely surprised at how useful Amulets are in Lies of P. While they certainly start off only providing the most incremental of buffs, by the end of the game they’ll be a key part of your build. Seriously, I’m convinced that I was only able to defeat certain bosses because I tinkered with my amulets in an effort to create the most optimized version of Pinocchio I could. Those things can carry you through a battle, and since there are so many of them scattered throughout Krat, it might be useful to have a complete list of your all Amulet locations in Lies of P.

There are technically two kinds of Amulets in Lies of P, the first being just your bog standard equippable items that enhance various stats and the latter, deemed Special Amulets, which can provide fundamentally unique ways of playing the game. I’m including both in this guide, but straight off the bat you should know that Special Amulets can only be purchased with Boss Ergo. Sounds intimidating, but it’s really quite simple. Well, actually getting the Boss Ergo isn’t. That’s tough as hell.

Every Standard Amulet in Lies of P and Where to Find Them

Most of the Amulets in this section will be obtained by either defeating Elite enemies or looking for chests that may otherwise be concealed down a dark alley or a super secret hidden path.

  • Life Amulet: From the Elysion Boulevard Entrance Stargazer, proceed through the streets as normal until you find the ladder that’ll take you to the rooftops. Once you’re up there, run through the area guarded by snipers and rifleman until eventually dropping down onto a roof that really looks like it should give way to Pinocchio’s weight. Head through the small door back inside. Eventually you’ll come across an Elite enemy standing in a spotlight, guarding a chest. Kill him and open the trunk for your Life Amulet, which grants a small boost to your HP.
  • Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet: Just before the Scrapped Watchman boss, like, literally just to the left of the fog gate leading to the boss, you’ll find a chest. Within it lies the Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet which slightly boosts Pinocchio’s damage against puppets. Just what you need for the upcoming brawl!

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  • Swordsmanship Master’s Amulet: Simply destroy the Elite enemy that’s prowling around the Workshop Union Culvert. You can find the shovel-wielding robot just after the location you meet Red Fox, in the massive red pipeline. He hits hard but those attacks are incredibly slow so just get behind him and swing away. This amulet reduces the how quickly your weapon’s durability degrades.
  • Carrier’s Amulet: Weirdly enough, you earn this amulet by killing the same type of enemy as above, just in a different location. After leaving Venigni Works, you’ll make your way to Moonlight Town through first a swamp and then a mine. You’ll find this Elite enemy as you leave the first large cavern and begin trekking uphill through a tight corridor; Shovel Puppet will slowly round the bend and instantly throw down. Fortunately you already know how to deal with this particular foe, and the reward is an Amulet that increases your carry weight. A personal favorite of mine!
  • Black Cat’s Amulet: Make sure you have a Trinity Key on hand, because this amulet is hidden behind the Trinity Door in St. Frangelico Cathedral. Equip it and you’ll take reduced fall damage which may not seem all that useful now but it’ll be almost necessary a few chapters down the line.
  • Patience Amulet: This one is a real pain. In the Malum District, run through the level as normal until you get to the massive, raging bonfire what looks to be a town square. The Black Rabbit Brotherhood insignia is burning on top of it, and the area is patrolled by a hulking Elite enemy. You’ll need to kill him, which is easier said than done. He’s both tanky and faster than he looks, dishing out serious damage. My advice would be to lure the monstrosity down one of the left or right alleys towards the back of the area so you’re at least covered from the snipers constantly taking pot shots. This amulet boosts how quickly your stamina recovers and it can be a lifesaver at this stage in Lies of P.
  • Technique Amulet: Proceed along the normal route through Estelle Opera House until you eventually come to the first flight of stairs leading down. When you’re on the bottom floor, immediately turn left and enter a small, burnt room. The chest in here contains the Technique Amulet which, as the name would imply, increases Pinocchio’s Technique stat by 4. Great if that’s the build you’re running but if you’re not, it isn’t really useful.
  • Carcass Butcher’s Amulet: After expanding Pulcinella’s store in Hotel Krat by handing over the Incredible Venigni’s Collection Box, you can purchase this amulet. It’ll increase the amount of damage Pinocchio does to Carcasses which, again, can be very useful later on.

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  • Indomitable Amulet: An Amulet I considered to be a life-saver in some boss fights, you can purchase it from the Wandering Merchant when you encounter him in Lorenzini’s Arcade. When it’s equipped, your resistance to Disruption, Shock and Break is boosted.
  • Hunter’s Amulet: Another painful fight to retrieve this Amulet. In the wine cellar of Lorenzini’s Arcade, defeat the flailing jester puppet and you’ll earn your reward which grants a little more Ergo per kill. If you want to make this fight easier, I suggest engaging up until the Carcass enemies escape their cells and attack the Jester, then back off. They do some decent damage and the puppet will wipe them all out, leaving you to pick up the scraps.
  • Strength Amulet: Perfect if you want to make a glass canon (like me), you’ll want to make it past the shield puppet in the Grand Exhibition and follow the path outside, taking the ladder down to where the soldier with the electrified baton is patrolling. Kill him and you’ll get the Strength Amulet which increases Pinocchio’s Motivity by four.
  • Recharged Amulet: From the Barren Swamp Entrance Stargazer, proceed normally until you defeat the boxing clown puppet. Then head left over the broken bridge and into the guard tower. Once you get to the top from the inside, immediately hook a right and climb the ladder to find a chest with your prize. This Amulet continually replenishes HP, which sounds a lot more useful than it actually is since you’ll need to wait quite a while to notice any significant gains.
  • Leaping Amulet: After exiting Barren Swamp ravine and dodging all the flaming boulders rolling down the slopes, you simply need to kill the Toy Puppet waiting at the top. This Amulet provides a small increase to Pinocchio’s total stamina.
  • Life Amulet +1: From Barren Swamp Nest, talk to Hugo and obtain the Old Cryptic Vessel. Head back to Hotel Krat and chat with Venigni, who will decode the device and send you on your way to Path of the Pilgrim. From this Stargazer, take the elevator on the left down and back track through the gorge until you encounter a man waiting a fire. He’ll give you the Robber’s Shack Key which you’ll want to use on the house just in front of him. The chest in here contains your Amulet, which grants a bigger increase to Pinocchio’s HP.
  • Transformation Amulet: After you’ve upgraded Pulcinella’s store again, using the Fancy Venigni Collection Box you found in Barren Swamp, you can purchase this Amulet, which boosts Pinocchio’s Advance stat by four.
  • Blue Guardianship Amulet: Same as above, you can simply purchase this one from Pulcinella after upgrading his store the second time. This Amulet increases Pinocchio’s health, stamina and Legion making it a pretty sweet deal for only one Amulet slot.
  • Murderer Puppet’s Amulet: Kill the massive, scorpion-like enemy in Krat Central Station Platform and you’ll get this Amulet which increases the amount of damage dealt to humans.
  • Carrier’s Amulet +1: In my opinion, this is absolutely essential. You can find it locked behind the Krat Central Station Trinity Door and when you equip it, you’ll be able to carry even more weight. So throw away the old one and never look back!

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  • Iron Wall Amulet: Shortly after entering the Relic of Trismegistus, you’ll encounter an Elite puppet that breaks through a stone wall to get to you. Kill it and you’ll net this Amulet which increases Pinocchio’s resistance to physical attacks, meaning you’ll take less damage when you get hit.
  • Veteran’s Amulet: After climbing through the Arche Abbey Entrance, you’ll encounter two Elite Carcasses defending a chest on a bridge. Crack it open and equip your prize to increases your Legion meter.
  • Red Fox’s Amulet: From the Arche Abbey Broken Rift Stargazer, climb the ladder to your left and follow the stairways up until you encounter another ladder that leads down. Use it, kill the Disruption Puppet Dogs at the bottom, and loot the chest for an Amulet that grants +3 Motivity and Technique when equipped.
  • Assassin’s Amulet: In the Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge, run along the edge of the structure on the left of the Stargazer and leap the small gap to find a chest with this Amulet. When equipped, it’ll increase the damage of Pinocchio’s critical hits.
  • Leaping Amulet +1: In the same area as the Assassin’s Amulet, instead of jumping the gap, head left and follow the path over the bridge. You should see the chest glowing to your left, but be warned that there is an enemy waiting to ambush you from behind the corner. Equip this Amulet to boost Pinocchio’s stamina even more.

How to Get Special Amulets in Lies of P

These can be bought with Boss Ergo from Alidoro in Hotel Krat. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, you can consult one of our previous guides on where to send the merchant once you meet him. The Special Amulets you can buy from him, and their respective costs are as follows:

  • Arm of God Amulet: Purchased with the Reborn Champion’s Ergo, this Amulet increases damage when an attack lands.
  • Awakened God’s Amulet: Purchased with the Fallen One’s Ergo, it boosts the amount of damage a Fable Arts attack does on a staggered enemy.
  • Conquering Amulet: Purchased with the King’s Flame Ergo, this one increases the damage of an attack after successfully pulling off a Perfect Guard.
  • Dancing One’s Amulet: Purchased with the Parade Leader’s Ergo, it enables Pinocchio to dodge even when his Stamina is too low.
  • Extreme Modification Amulet: Purchased with the Broken Hero’s Ergo, this Amulet increases how much damage Pinocchio deals in relation to the amount of Fable Arts slots he has. This is super strong in the early game even if it’s incredibly heavy.
  • Ghost Walk Amulet: Purchased with the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo, it allows Pinocchio to dodge Fury Attacks. INCREDIBLY useful.
  • Impregnable Fortress Amulet: Purchased with the Sad Zealot’s Ergo, this Amulet doesn’t reduce weapon durability when guarding against an attack.
  • Nameless One’s Amulet: Purchased with the Twisted Angel’s Ergo, it can potentially prevent a Pulse Cell from being consumed when it’s used.
  • Triumvirate Amulet: Purchased with the Burnt-White King’s Ergo, equipping this Amulet increases all Legion Arms by +1.
  • Piercing Hatred Amulet: Purchased with the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo, this is easily the best Amulet in the game since it grants Pinocchio immunity to all statues effects.

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