Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent in Eric, a man with beard and glasses in a blue shirt and black jacket.

All Major Actors & Cast List for Netflix’s Eric

Netflix‘s Eric is a bizarre thriller featuring a missing child, an imaginary puppet, and more twists than you can shake Benedict Cumberbatch at. But, him aside, who’s in this show? Here are all the major actors and the cast list for Netflix’s Eric.

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All Major Actors & Cast List for Netflix’s Eric

Police Detective Ledroit interviewing a suspect at a door in Eric.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent

Benedict Cumberbatch, who you’ll know from Doctor Strange, Sherlock, and many other shows/movies, rolls out his American accent to play Vincent Anderson. Vincent is a puppeteer whose son Edgar goes missing in 1980s New York. But is Vincent the worried father he appears to be? Cumberbatch also voices Eric, a puppet he’s invented for his show who becomes a little too real.

Gaby Hoffmann as Cassie Anderson

Cassie Anderson is Vincent’s wife, who actor Gaby Hoffmann describes as “trapped in a life that is ultimately not serving her because she thinks it’s what’s best for her son.” So when her son disappears, she’s driven – more so than Vincent, perhaps – to find him. You may recognize Hoffmann as Ali Pfefferman from Transparent or, if you’re a John Candy fan, as Maizy from Uncle Buck.

McKinley Belcher III as Detective Ledroit

Detective Michael Ledroit is the lead detective in charge of finding Edgar, and he’s prepared to follow every lead. That doesn’t mean he’s running around on wild goose chase after wild goose chase – he’s got the skills to uncover the truth behind Edgar’s disappearance. But he’s got his own secret, which, in the 1980s at least, wouldn’t do his police career any favors. He’s played by McKinley Belcher III, who you may have seen as Arlong in Netflix’s recent live-action One Piece series.

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Dan Fogler as Lennie Wilson

Dan Fogler plays Lennie Wilson, a producer on the puppet show Vincent works on. The two are friends, but Vincent’s increasingly volatile temperament isn’t doing him any favors, and Lennie could have to decide which is more important, his friendship or the show. You may recognize Fogler from, among other shows, The Goldbergs and The Walking Dead.

Ivan Howe as Edgar

Edgar is Vincent and Cassie’s son, whose disappearance is at the heart of the show. His frustration at his parents’ failing marriage may have something to do with his situation. Was he kidnapped, or did he just want to get the hell out of there? He’s played by Ivan Howe in his first major screen role.

Those are some of the main performances, but there are a host of other actors in the show, too. Phoebe Nicholls (Fortitude) and John Dorman (City on a Hill) play Vincent Anderson’s mother and father, respectively. Meanwhile, Clarke Peters (Love Is) is George Lovett, superintendent of the building the Andersons live in.

Here’s the full cast list for Eric:

Angela – Gloria Obianyo
Anne – Phoebe Nicholls
Barman – Jared Johnston
Bruno – Gerard Monaco
Bryan – Anders Grundberg
Caroline – Amanda Drew
Cassie – Gaby Hoffmann
Cecile – Adepero Oduye
Chef – Phil Trasolini
City Hall Assistant – Regina Turoczi
Costello – Jeff Hephner
Cripp – David Denman
Dan – Jeff Ricketts
Dana – Amy Louise Pemberton
Detective – Bálint Antal
Doorman – Lyman Chen
Drag Queen – George Lester
Edgar – Ivan Howe
Ellis – Chloe Claudel
Frank – Raymond Carr
Garbage Man – András Komornik
Gator – Wade Allain-Marcus
George – Clarke Peters
Gina – Carna Krsul
Greg – Robert Galas
Homeless Person – Jay Lafayette Valentine
Jackson – Simon Manyonda
Jackson – Simon Manyonda
Jerry – Donald Sage Mackay
Journalist #1 – Andrew Haserlat
Journalist #2 – Angela Christine
Kennedy – Bobby Schofield
Ledroit – McKinley Belcher III
Lennie – Dan Fogler
Levy – Willem Van Der Vegt
Lexi – Levente Törköly
Lorenza – Mercedes Bahleda
Lorenzo – Laurence Moran
Marlon – Bence Orere
Marsha – Kosha Engler
Mary – Sabrina Javor
Misha – Ioachim Ciobanu
Monica – Anabelle Daisy Grundberg
Mrs. Ryan – Pandora Colin
Murray – Adam Silver
Nelson – William Hope
News Anchor – Linda Kiraly
News Anchor – Patrick McCullough
Nokes – Ryan Hunter
Nurse – Katalin Ruzsik
NYPD Officer – Gergely Boronyák
NYPD Officer – Joe T. Horn
NYPD Officer – Nicholas Wittman
Old Man – Tamås Varga
Pretty Waitress – Lorena Somogyi Santana
Production Assistant – Michelle Beck
Protestor – Will Connolly
Raya – Alexis Molnar
Renata – Latonya Borsay
Ricardo – Orlando Norman
Robert – John Doman
Robert’s Driver – Blaise Corrigan
Ronnie – Roberta Colindrez
Sebastian – José Pimentäo
Security Guard – Andy Lucien
Small Child – Abigail Lopez
Store Keeper – Milai Taguchi
Suited Man – Roderick Hill
Tina – Erika Soto
TJ – Stefan Race
Tracks – Law X
Vietnam veteran – David Brooks
Vincent – Benedict Cumberbatch
Waitress – Bonnie Rose
Waitress – Lorena Santana Somogyi
William – Mark Gillis
Young Boy – Ruki Hoya Baunoch
Young Child – Kalel Rosa Lozada
Yusuuf – Bamar Kane

And those are all the major actors and the cast list for Eric.

Eric is streaming now on Netflix.

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