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All Pillar Prize Tour Rewards & Milestones in Monopoly GO, Listed

It’s time to earn dice rolls in Monopoly GO, and the Pillar Prize Tour milestone rewards are the perfect way to gather enough rolls to compete in the Fountain Partners minigame. Here is everything to know about the new solo challenge.

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All Monopoly GO Pillar Prize Tour Rewards & Prizes

Monopoly GO Pillar Prize Tour milestone rewards
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It is time to stock up on Tokens, gather dice rolls, open sticker packs, and pile up the cash with the Monopoly GO Pillar Prize Tour milestone rewards. This solo event is well-stocked with rolls, which are critical to success in the Fountain Partners event running alongside it. The challenge offers a total of 15,182 dice rolls to collect and plenty of tokens to put towards the partner event. Below are the details for the milestone rewards in the Pillar Prize Tour as informed by the Monopoly GO wiki.

Milestone LevelPoints NeededReward
15 Points70 Tokens
25 PointsCash
310 PointsGreen Sticker Pack
475 Points125 Dice Rolls
515 Points80 Tokens
615 PointsGreen Sticker Pack
720 Points120 Tokens
825 PointsRent Frenzy (10 Min)
9150 Points230 Dice Rolls
1025 Points140 Tokens
1130 PointsGreen Sticker Pack
1230 PointsCash
1335 Points180 Tokens
14450 Points600 Dice Rolls
1550 PointsGold Sticker Pack
1660 PointsCash Grab Boost (10 Min)
1770 Points220 Tokens
1880 PointsCash
19900 Points800 Dice Rolls
2060 PointsPink Sticker Pack
2165 Points250 Tokens
2270 PointsCash
2390 PointsHigh Roller (10 Min)
241,500 Points1,200 Dice Rolls
25120 Points260 Tokens
26200 PointsBlue Sticker Pack
27150 Points280 Dice Rolls
28140 Points100 Dice Rolls
29900 PointsCash
30170 Points125 Dice Rolls
31180 Points320 Tokens
32210 PointsCash
33250 PointsBlue Sticker Pack
341,800 Points1,500 Dice Rolls
35250 Points350 Tokens
36350 PointsCash Grab Boost (5 Min)
37600 PointsMagenta Sticker Pack
38700 Points380 Tokens
394,000 Points2,800 Dice Rolls
40700 PointsHigh Roller Boost (15 Min)
41900 Points500 Dice Rolls
42800 Points450 Tokens
432,700 PointsCash
441,100 Points700 Dice Rolls
451,000 PointsCash
461,250 PointsMagenta Sticker Pack
471,500 Points650 Tokens
487,500 Points6,500 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack

How to Play Pillar Prize Tour in Monopoly GO

To earn all the Pillar Prize Tour milestone rewards in Monopoly GO, players will need to land on pickups around the board. Like the shield tokens, special game markers will appear on random tiles. Once players land on them, they will reappear in a new random location for players to gather. The goal is to land on as many as possible at a high roll modifier to grind milestone levels as quickly as possible.

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When The Palace Parade Event Ends in Monopoly GO

The Pillar Prize Tour event in Monopoly GO begins at 11 AM ET on April 6, 2024, and will end on April 8. This gives players a total of 48 hours to obtain all the available milestone rewards. During that time, several tournaments will take place.

How to Get More Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO

To get more dice rolls in Monopoly GO, players must join ongoing challenges, finish the Quick Wins for the day, complete sticker collections, and collect free dice roll codes. To help collect as many rolls as possible, check out our free dice rolls article, which updates daily with the newest codes.

Additionally, be sure to take advantage of the various boosts available in the game, since they can help get more dice rolls by completing landmarks or getting stickers. These are active at rotating timeframes throughout the day or activated by earning boosts in challenges.

If you’re looking for more, check out our article covering all current and present Monopoly GO events, tournaments, games, and some FAQs. The game is available now on mobile.

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